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Our Story

First we want to say WELCOME! Come on in. Grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you a story. The story of SocialKNX, a digital marketing and social media management company.

SocialKNX was launched (or REbirthed) in January 2010 as a premier social media marketing firm based in Colorado with a world class team of community managers and marketing experts. We help manage social media activities and our community managers partner with you to use social media to build your business. The company started in 2006 as SynapseConnecting (but no one could pronounce SYNAPSE. Come on, admit it, you were trying to figure it out right there!) After our company evolved into more of a full service social media marketing firm in 2010, we decided it was time. Social media marketing has become more and more important. Companies realize they need help with digital marketing and the management of their daily social media activities.

Aside from that, it was time to help the world sound more intelligent when saying our name out loud. Because SocialConnects was taken by some domain squatter, we went with the clever SocialKNX and now we will get to hear people say Social KINX for the next decade! We don't care — we LOVE being SOCIAL!

We LOVE the whole idea of businesses growing, employing people and sustaining communities around the world. Our team of community managers at SocialKNX wanted to find ways to give back as well, so we started supporting small businesses in third-world countries with micro-loans via KIVA, whose mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We also volunteer our time and talents at the Denver Rescue Mission where they help Colorado's neediest get back on their feet and become employed.

Most of our team is made up of brilliant marketing and PR professionals who left their corporate jobs to stay home with their growing families. They are true super heroes and we are excited to use our super–powers for you and your business!

The team

We are a team of curious, tech-loving, app and gadget wielding, social connectors. We consume caffeine at an illegal rate and have a well-known and unhealthy obsession with shoes. You will find us ON-LINE 24/7! We don't even pretend to seek work-life balance…like true super heroes… we thrive in chaos! Meet our FABULOUS team.

Taylor Stauffer is our  tree-hugging, rock-climbing, and world-traveling community manager. With a conservation biology degree from Colorado State University (We said she was a tree-hugger) she loves working with our clients to understand their business goals and using her social savviness to help meet them.  She has grown up in the world of Social Media (She is Gina’s daughter) and knows nothing else but how to build and nurture online social media communities for good. Taylors best summer was spent working on a black rhino preserve in Africa. She says her long-term goal is to one day be the female version of Jeff Corwin! 

Misty Mercado is our Director of Operations at SocialKNX and comes to us with a bachelors degree in business marketing and communications from University of Texas, Austin. She also earned her MBA from Regis University, Denver and has over 15 years in business marketing and client services with a primary focus in Telecommunications.  Misty was also University of Phoenix facilitator in public relations, marketing, advertising and business management, and then taught Harley Davidson riding classes in her spare time!  Can you say “over-achiever?” Most impressive is her ability to juggle two children and support her military husband all while helping our clients grow their businesses.   

Emily Gauthier keeps us all laughing with her unique sayings and quick wit. At least once a day we will hear one of her Em-isms like, “Oh Tarter sauce” or “Snap.” Emily has the gift of connecting and building community with people to build strong relationships through social channels. Listening to the community and drawing people in to want to discover more is a talent that could easily land her on the X-factor! Her background in sales and small business marketing gives her insight to help our clients succeed. At last count, Emily had four little ones running circles around her!

Kimbirly Orr has served as a marketing communications strategist for 30 years. Her business development and marketing expertise has helped launch and build small businesses in entertainment, special events, sports, natural products, and consumer packaged goods. A graduate of the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business Marketing program, Kimbirly is active in non-profit and fundraiser work. She currently serves as Board Chair of the University of Colorado Denver Metro Forever Buffs, a Board Member for Dani’s Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity based in Denver; as well as the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, based in Santa Fe.  In her free time, Kimbirly enjoys playing in the snow near her home in Denver, Colorado.

Gina Schreck is the President and Chief Hooligan here at SocialKNX and bounces between our Denver and Chicago offices. Aside from making sure everyone is heavily caffeinated, she is always looking for new ways to use technology tools to build business and manage that treasured brand!   Gina is an international keynote speaker and is the author of 6 books, including Gettin’ Geeky with Twitter and the soon to be released, “More Social, Less Media.”  She is the mother of four tech-savvy Schrecklets and way over married the love of her life. It has been proven that she does not sleep and is really an avatar in great shoes! 

Dwight Maskew (or D-White as we call him) is our website WIZARD!  He creates, manages, beautifies and tweaks websites and blogs for our clients. From design consultation to build out and optimization, Dwight makes it all seem simple. Somehow he maintains his sanity through the constant change requests and “urgent” requests we throw his way, even for our own website. (Sorry D) In his spare time (or just to escape us) you can find Dwight climbing one of Colorado’s 14-ers (14,000 foot peaks). 

Cathy Romero has one of the most diverse backgrounds on our team. Coming out of the legal industry and applying her sales and marketing experience there, she blends her passion for fitness (not to mention helping support her husband’s professional MMA career with the marketing and promotions), with her business savviness for a perfect blend of enthusiasm and know-how.  Cathy has been known to take our client’s branded items on vacations just to snap photos to use in her social marketing campaigns.  She loves brainstorming with our clients to come up with unique social marketing ideas to truly stand out in competitive markets.

Brittany McKinstry has her degree in PR and Marketing from Colorado State University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude!  Not only is Brittany brilliant but she is a huge fitness buff and teaches fitness classes in her spare time.  Brittany is our onboarding coordinator as well as client community manager, and her favorite thing about working in social marketing is connecting with so many brilliant people around the world and finding new and creative ways to help clients build their business.  She works with several of our multinational clients and loves the challenge of building social communities with diverse audiences. When you start working with us, you will be spending some time with Brittany.

Deb Lee is a social marketing, SEO lovin’, ULTRA-ORGANIZED, tech-enthusiast who loves helping business owners get more traffic to their sites and more business in the doors!   As a certified professional organizer, she loves spreadsheets and colored markers as much as a well optimized website! We think she has a secret desire to be an English teacher since she is always whipping our grammar into shape! When she’s not online (which is rare) she is running around playing with her beautiful daughter and husband! 

Andra Dunn surprises us all with her diverse skills! A professional paddle boarder, fitness instructor, and social marketing expert, Andra brings her skills to each client she serves (She might have you up on a SUP before you know it). She loves analytics and knows how to optimize her content for the maximum impact. 

Like great coffee, we are a special blend of brilliant, witty, word-crafting, marketing and data-loving mavens who double as super heroes in stilletos that love juggling our clients desires for BIG RESULTS! It's not even WHAT we do that is unique - many agencies will say they do similar things - It is HOW we do it that makes us different! Because our team is made up of experts with backgrounds in corporate communication, marketing, sales, hospitality, PR and web development, like Jerry McGuire... we... Complete You!

But about our brilliant team ~ Let's talk about YOU!


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