Community Growth


Anyone can generate followers. We provide business-generating connections. Social Media is critical to attracting new business and growing relationships with existing clients. Identifying and focusing on the best social platforms for your business, product and service is key in growing your community with the right followers.

Increased Leads


You can’t afford to ignore it anymore. Social Media represents a significant business base of untapped prospects and opportunities for many companies. We strategize to identify target audiences, market, geo locations and ideal networks to connect you with – maximizing leads and target prospects.

Tracked Results


Our detailed monthly reports will guide you in making informed business decisions about your social community, voice, marketing campaigns and target audience. We provide you with engagement statistics, reach, demographic numbers and geographical targets of those connecting with your business.

Brand Management


Your brand isn’t what you say it is; it’s what others say it is. Get the inside scoop on what consumers, competitors and prospects are communicating about your company name, products and services (especially when they think you’re not looking.)

What is SocialKNX?

We are a brilliant team of content marketing and social media management professionals. Our team is made up of bloggers, community managers, graphic artists, all here to help you build and manage your online brand, as well as manage the daily chaos of social activities associated with content and digital marketing.

SocialKNX was founded on the passionate idea, that we could truly help businesses reach out and connect with existing and potential customers with awesome content that people find interesting and helpful. We know we can grow an online community through authentic conversations, great content, and consistent sharing of resources. That’s exactly what we’ll do for you!

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