I Have to Create a Facebook Page for My Company But Don’t Want it Linked to My PERSONAL Profile

August 30, 2012 7:15 am Published by 24 Comments

(Updated 01/24/13) 

You’ve been asked by your manager to set up a Facebook Page for the business and most of what you read says you have to do this from your personal profile.  Perhaps you have a business, but still do not want to link it to a personal profile that you use for family connections and REAL friends.  FEAR NOT!  You CAN do this.  It may feel like you’ve been asked to turn over your personal diary for the world to read on your business page, but I assure you, your secrets are safe.  

Sharing your Facebook Password with manager, setting up a business page using your personal profile

So let’s understand something up front.  When I create a business page, it is like creating a website for a business.  I will need access to the backend of the site to load or change content, but no where on the site does it have to give my name or contact information, unless I want it to.  It is the same with Facebook.  Your PERSONAL profile is your access point or portal into Facebook but from there you can create and manage as many business pages as you’d like.  You don’t need a special login and password for each page, and you don’t have to share passwords with anyone.  (If your mother didn’t tell you this along time ago, you should NEVER give your passwords to anyone. Whether they are your manager or not.  There is no need for anyone to use YOUR password.)  You log in and go to the pages you have admin access to.  Your manager or other team member can log into their own personal profile and have the same access point if they are made an admin for the page.  

If, and I hear this all the time, your manager or co-worker does not have a FAcebook account of their own, so they ask to log into your account to check the business page, tell them you would like their log in information to their bank account to check on your payroll first! They need to create their own account–it’s FREE and they don’t have to ever use it or share their horrifying vacation pics. 

With that out of the way, let’s get started!  To begin, go to Facebook.com/pages and click CREATE YOUR OWN in the upper right.  You will be asked to choose which type of page you would like to set up.  How you classify the business page will determine some of the apps available and if you choose COMMUNITY page, you will not be able to maintain full control over that page once it gets going.  The community will own the page–you will just be known as the hero that started it.  The rest can be changed later if needed, so don’t lose too much sleep over this first step.

Different types of Facebook pages that you can set up, Facebook for Business, Social Business

What Kind of Business Are You?

Fill out the basic info and you are well on your way!  

This is where you add an additional admin to the page, such as a team member or your manager (who will need to have a Facebook account and also LIKE the page first).  This will protect your page should something happen to one of the admins (not saying you will snap setting this up or anything!).  If you bring on an intern or someone new to the organization you can add people as an admin and give them different access–(see under EDIT PAGE–> MANAGE PERMISSIONS. )

Getting the content created and posted each day…that’s when the scary work begins!   Happy posting!

Scared of setting up Facebook business page from my personal profile

No, No, Not Content Creation

Gina Schreck is the founder of SocialKNX. Their teams help organizations connect to their world and convert LIKES into DOLLARS! Be sure to find more geeky goodness on our own Facebook Page! 

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Gina Schreck, Chief Hooligan at SocialKNX



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Gina Schreck
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  • Hello, I am starting a small business/blog and creating a page for it on Facebook through my personal profile. My concern is that, when I do so, will the ‘page creation’ be published on my friends news feeds and timelines? I do not want that because I am still in testing mode and I am not ready to share it with the world that it is ME who has started this page. Please advice.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the above article. Though it does give me some valuable information, I still have a question for you. I am creating a page on Facebook through my personal profile for my newly started Business/Blog, but, however, I am not ready to share it with the world that I am the creator of the page. If I go ahead and create the page, will the activity show on the news feeds and timelines of all my friends? Since I am still in the testing phase, I want to publicise that it is MY page only when I am confident of the service I am offering / Business I am promoting. Please do advice.

    • Hello VD~

      You will not have to worry. The only people who will see your business page updates are those who LIKE that page. If you share that content (your personal profile selecting SHARE on content that is on your BIZ page) THAT post will show on your personal timeline, but only if you choose to share it there. Friends are not FANS until they LIKE a page and FANS are not FRIENDS unless you connect with them on your personal profile. I hope that helps :)

      Be sure to follow our FB Page for lots of tips on managing a successful Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/GettinGeeky

      Happy New Year!


  • I have a problem (or maybe it’s Facebook with the problem). I created a Facebook Page going through my Facebook Profile. Ok. so now I go to any random website article and try to post a comment but I shows my Facebook Profile image. There appears to be no way to have it be my Facebook Page. It says “Switch” above my Facebook Image… I have tried playing with Social Plugins but NOTHING seems to work.


    • Hi Patti

      Sadly I have no good news for you—It is a Facebook problem. They feel that businesses would go around spamming on other sites but I don’t get it at all. The work around is to try and find other Facebook business pages (Wired Magazine, Fastcompany, etc) for the publications you typically comment on and LIKE their page so your page can comment there!

      I know it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but best wishes to you!


  • I have a personal facebook page and a business page that is linked. I added someone else as manager of that business page. Can they get into my personal facebook page since it is linked?

    • Hi Terry~

      You have nothing to worry about at all. The only way the other admin can access your info is 1. if you connect with them personally or 2. If your profile is set to public and they see your name on the list of admins for the page and then look you up. They are only able to see what you have your settings set for. I hope that makes sense :) )

      Best wishes~


  • Hi,
    I have an opposite problem. When our project started, X used his facebook account to create a Project facebook page. He then added 2 other team members as Admins. The problem now is that the team is going in different directions, with X joining a competitor group. How do we ensure that X drops off as Admin? I was told this is not possible as he initiates the Project facebook page and his account is linked…. Please help!

    • Hello~

      This is not a problem at all. I do believe that was an early Facebook rule that they did away with long ago. I start many pages for organizations and then once I ad other admins, I remove myself (or in your case one of you can remove him). The ONLY way this would be difficult is if he is listed as the CONTENT CREATOR or MODERATOR. If you are listed as MANAGER you can remove anyone, regardless of who started the page. When you add or remove someone as admin, Facebook will require you to type in your password –this is your PERSONAL password that you use to log in with. I believe it is Facebook’s way of tracking, who actually made the change.

      In your case, you can ask the person “X” to remove himself from the admin role on the page or one of the other admins can go in and do it.

      I hope this is helpful! Let me know how it goes. :)


  • Great – I will try and let you know. Many thanks.

  • Hi there,

    I started a Page. However (I didn’t do my homework) and I should’ve linked it to my Profile (so I could “Like” other Pages).

    So my Page is now completely independent, and there are some serious limitations (I’m discovering!).

    Is there a way i can link it to my Profile? (and i’m not talking about the “Employer” section on my Profile)
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Kirsty

      The good news is you can easily fix this problem. First be sure you have LIKED the business page from your personal profile. Next log out and log back in AS the Biz Page. Make your personal profile and admin (EDIT PAGE then ADMIN ROLES). Now when you log into your personal profile and go over to the business page you will enjoy all of the features that you were looking for .

      Hopefully this wasn’t too painful! :) )

      Have a great week~


  • Hi Gina!

    I want to create a facebook account for my business. I have own domain. I want to use the company Mail-ID for facebook account.Is it possible to create for an account? I have tried but showing error message to me that invalid Mail-ID.

    • Hello Biswa

      Facebook will not allow a character such as “-” to be in the name. You can see if the name MailID is available for the URL and then in the area where you can describe your business and add the weblink, you can put the correct listing.

      Best wishes to you~


  • Wow! thank you so much, you have answered almost all questions I’ve been struggling with. You are very generous with your advice and suggestions. I’ve attended many classes, consulted with experts etc and all I get is how much it will cost for them to do all this.

  • Hi GinaSchreck,

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding. I did have to create a personal page. so I did. then I created the biz page. There is one difference in the name with a period after an initial. The problem is when I did a google search the personal page shows up so not sure everyone is getting access to my biz page. I tried to change passwords but obviously both accts are linked as you mentioned. How do I delete the personal page..? and how do I help the biz page show up under searches rather than the personal (fake biz) page? Does that make sense?

    Thank you for any help you can give. Your explanations are well heeded.

    • Hello Aaron

      Sounds like you have split personality issue–HA

      When you business page IS your name, you will have a bit of a challenge in allowing people to easily distinguish between the two, BUT you can remedy that by making the business page name end with LLC, or INC. etc. The BIZ PAGE and your PERSONAL PROFILE should have different log on info (email addresses and passwords). Think in terms of adding someone else on to assist you in sharing content on your business page–you don’t want them using your personal log in info to get there.

      You definitely do NOT want to delete your personal profile because if you do, you will loose some important functionality of your business page, including your ability to search for other business pages to connect with, and your ability to comment on posts.

      A business page starts showing up in searches once you get content flowing, and in the beginning you have to invite people to join your page (several times) by sending them the link. Ad this link to your email signature, your website and anywhere else people might be looking. You can also add the link to your PERSONAL PROFILE in a couple places…in the ABOUT section of your personal profile you want a link to your website and then point people to your FB page as well. Also in the area where you can list where you work, type in the business page here, so it will auto link to the page for people looking at your profile.

      I hope this gets you merged together the right way –if you need additional help, leave me the link to your page so I can take a look :)

      Have a wonderful weekend.


  • I am a member of a public group to which I post albums of photos. Recently the albums have been showing up on my personal Facebook page as well. How can I prevent them from showing up there. Recently, I had a different problem. The album showed up on my personal page and NOT the public group to which I had posted them.

    • I have heard that Facebook has had a few glitches with the groups and what gets share on your personal timeline. If the group is an open group, your comments and photos will show as activity on your personal profile. The group must be set to PRIVATE or SECRET for the content to be kept inside the group. Anything outside of this is a definite issue and should be brought to FBooks attention.

      Best wishes. ~Gina

  • Hi I have a personal FB page & I set a business page through my account https://www.facebook.com/Armourcard

    I’m trying to like other people who are interested in the space my business plays in, however when I find them and send them a friend request from my business page, they still become my personal friends. I don;t want this I would like them to become a friend of my FB business page.

    Am I missing something. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Tyler

      The missing link is simply in understanding the different functions between a PERSONAL profile and a BUSINESS page. A BIZ page cannot send invitations to connect with individuals. You can send invitations to connect with your personal friends on Facebook AS YOURSELF… example: I can send a message to all my personal contacts on Facebook to come and LIKE my BIZ page, but when I am on my BIZ page, I cannot send a message or send an invitation to LIKE my page to people. This is to prevent businesses from spamming individuals and the goal of a Facebook (Fan) or BIZ page is for people to find your page through their friends interaction on your page or ideally (for Facebook) through you advertising. :)

      If you are wanting to invite those outside of your personal circle, the best thing to do is send a message in your ezine or newsletter letting people know about your new Facebook page. Be sure to add it to all of your other marketing materials like biz cards, email signature line, etc.

      I hope that helps clarify it a bit. ~Gina

  • Hi Gina,
    I have a business page on facebook and for some reason when I am trying to post or comment on my page it isn’t showing me as the business name but instead my personal name and picture. I have tried going into settings and checking “only post as admin” but it didn’t help…any other ideas??

    • Hi Melissa

      Log into Facebook on your personal profile. Instead of clicking over to your business page from the left column where you see it listed, go up to the top right where you see the gear/settings icon. Click on that icon to find your biz page in the drop down. You should be able to comment or reply to anything on the biz page AS YOUR PAGE when you get there from this route.

      Let me know if that works~


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