I have worked with the SocialKNX team for all twofold social media accounts. The team does a great job and they are a rare bunch in that they *get* that social media doesn’t just drive engagement but is also there to build the brand and increase sales.

Paula Morawski

Founder, Two Fold Foods


We are your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing! Whether you need an email marketing campaign or welcome sequence set up and running, or regular social media content written and posted to draw people closer to doing business with you, we do it all for you. Blogging, social ads… we’re on it! Graphics and logo design… you bet! Don’t you think it’s time to refresh your marketing and work with a team that can learn your voice and becomes an extension of your brand?

SocialKNX helped us leverage social media marketing by creating cross-channel messaging consistency among a variety of social media platforms. We saw an immediate increase not just in followers, but engagement, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Susan Urbanczyk, CAE

Director of Marketing at PSIA-AASI , PSIA-AASI


We know that different social channels may require a different strategy. We craft your posts for each and post them at optimal times. [READ MORE]


If you don’t have time to blog or don’t enjoy blogging, don’t worry… We’ve got you covered. We have professional bloggers who [READ MORE]

Lead Generation

Social media posts should be shining the light on your bigger pieces of content which pull people into your content universe to help build your email list and turn those LIKES INTO LEADS.  [READ MORE]

Reputation Management

We watch and listen for people talking about you and your brand online. By setting up a listening dashboard we’re able to see when your brand is mentioned and [READ MORE]

Community Growth

This isn’t the field of dreams. If you build it, they do not come… unless you go out and round them up! We know that building your community organically is the best way to grow it and we give [READ MORE]

Email Marketing

Once you have someone in your content universe, we will help you nurture that new budding relationship. Whether it’s setting up welcome emails, nurture sequences,