Become a Better Social Listener: Your Customers Have Something to Say

Social Listening is CRITICAL

Today’s digitally savvy consumer has a lot to say.  Sales and marketing used to be the most important skills within a company.  Employees were given scripts to follow and we spent lots of money on beautiful brochures and postcards.  Today the skills needed to succeed in business are being a better social listener and a great conversationalist.  Do you listen to your customers, prospects, and employees?  Better yet, do you even allow them to speak?

Social listening dashboard for listening on social media

Social Media is any form of communicating that allows your customers and social media communities to add in their two cents.  When a customer posts a comment on your blog, that is social.  When someone comments on your Facebook business page, that is social.  People have something to say, and smart marketers are creating places for them to say it!

Today’s consumers are savvy and they know when a social media page or profile has been set up to run on auto-pilot.  There are no replies to anyone’s questions or comments.  Another sign that tells people there is no one home, is a Twitter feed that shows that all tweets are auto-posting from Facebook (the link starts with fb.) This is the kind of behavior that tells the world, “We only want you to read our posts…we don’t care what you have to say.”

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Social Listener

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  1. Check your pages and profiles at least twice a day

    Just like you would check your email and voicemail first thing in the morning, today we have another place that more and more people are leaving messages for us…Social media sites.  Get in the habit of checking all of your social sites in the morning and the afternoon, if not more often. Look for comments, retweets, shares, etc.

  2. Take the time to “Close the loop” on social conversations

    When people take the time to comment on your posts,  you want to reward that behavior!  Thank the person for their comment or question. Let them know their feedback or contribution is appreciated.

  3. Scroll through your followers news feeds, comment, share and like their posts.

    You want everyone following and reading YOUR content, but perhaps they will be more likely to do so if they know you are reading and sharing theirs.

  4. Subscribe or Follow the company pages of your top prospects.

    Follow their company pages on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to ensure you know what they are posting and what they are concerned about.  Build relationships at several entry points using social.

  5. Create ALERTS for your top prospects

    This will help you stay in the know, sometimes better than the prospect you are trying to get in with.  When a post or alert pops up about your prospect, why not send a quick email letting them know it was great to read about their big event.

Not listening is ONE of the top mistakes companies make on social media.   Here are the top 10 and how to avoid them!

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