Social Media Etiquette: Before You Ask Someone to Retweet or Help You Read This

Walking downtown Boulder, Colorado last week, I encountered many people panhandling, or asking for money. Some had signs telling people passing by about their situation, and some just sat with a cup. But when I passed by the water fountain, I was entranced! A man was busy creating art out of pieces of flowers and … Read more

Your Customers Have Changed…Have You?

Customers are talking. They are tired of sitting back passively allowing businesses to push brochures, commercials and websites at them telling how great they are. Customers have something to say and they are saying it on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and all sorts of online community pages. Trust is no longer built through expensive ad campaigns. … Read more

Don’t Come to Social Media Town if You’re Not Going to Listen!

Whether people are singing your praises or complaining about the butter in cyberspace, you’d better be listening and prepared to respond. Set up your brand management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Google Alerts.

Social Media Revolution

Technology brings about change. It always has; but the speed in which the change is occurring is staggering. Do you have time to wait? How can you embrace and use today’s technology for your business growth? How can you bring BIG LEARNING to yourself and your teams using some of these tools? Watch this short … Read more