Don’t Come to Social Media Town if You’re Not Going to Listen!

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Companies everywhere are rushing out to set up their Twitter accounts and to create their Facebook business pages. They post the URLs on their company signature lines and even spend the money to create special stickers and business cards to hand out to customers letting them know “They are on the Social Media Bandwagon,” but then that’s as far as they go. If you are going to come to Twitter town or set up shop in Facebook world, you’d better be prepared to listen and respond to what folks are saying.

I had dinner the other night in Seattle at the Daily Grill. It was a Sunday night but still quite busy, so the unenthusiastic welcome I got when I asked for a table for one was somewhat expected. The hostess tried to convince me to sit at a high top in the bar area, but reluctantly led me to the smallest table she could find in the dining room. My server seemed distracted and I don’t think he ever made eye contact with me but the food was quite fabulous. I was going to tell the waiter this, but he never asked. The one complaint I had was the fact that they served wonderfully soft sourdough bread and butter that came in a frozen ball. It was almost as if they had hidden cameras so they could watch the guests trying to spread this hard butter ball on to the bread. It tore holes in the bread and fell into pieces on the side of the plate and onto my lap, with nothing ever sticking to the bread.

Butter-curls-in-small-white-butter-dishesWhen my bill came I was surprised that there was a special card mentioning that Daily Grill is now on Twitter. I couldn’t resist. I immediately whipped out my phone and made a snarky comment about mediocre service and frozen butter balls, of course mentioning @DailyGrill. Since mentioning their company and using their Twitter username assures they will get a copy of this tweet sent directly to their Twitter account manager, I waited to see how long it would take before I received some sort of reply from them. Perhaps there would be some warm butter in the mail when I arrived back home, but ney ney, no reply came. I waited…and waited… and now two days later and several other tweets back and forth with other Twitter users discussing my dining experience in Seattle’s Daily Grill, no reply has come.

Everyday I mention companies that I interact with and am always pleasantly surprised when they connect with me on Twitter thanking me for the mention. One of my favorite brands on Twitter is Perky Jerky.  They have “The Jerk Man” who tweets and replies to every mention, question and even complaint.  Very impressive brand management.

Whether people are singing your praises or complaining about the butter in cyberspace, you’d better be listening and prepared to respond. Set up your brand management tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and Mention. Add those tools to Google Alerts set to notify you when someone tweets, blogs or posts something on social channels about you. It’s not enough to be ON Twitter or to have a Facebook Page. The main reason to bring your business into cyberspace is so you can listen to and engage with your fans! Now get out there and listen, I’m going to get some soft butter for my bread!

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