Why Your Business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page

Gettin' Geeky Fan Club
AHHHH! It’s the Gettin’ Geeky Show!

I will admit that hearing the words FAN PAGE made me cringe at first. I mean who do we think we are creating our own fan pages and fan clubs… David Cassidy or Farrah Fawcett? Ok, perhaps I should get with the times…Taylor Swift or the Jonas Brothers? I really wish Facebook would have called them BUSINESS PAGES or COMMUNITY PAGES, but they didn’t and it really doesn’t matter, since most people refer to them as just PAGES (as opposed to your regular Facebook account which is called your PROFILE) I’m going to give you 5 reasons you NEED to get on the band wagon and create your FAN PAGE NOW!

1. Fan pages are PUBLIC. Now some will say that every post on your regular Facebook profile is also public, but that is not true. Because most of Facebook is behind a login and depending upon your privacy settings, some information that is posted goes only to your contacts. The posts from your PAGES are, like Twitter updates, public, indexed by search engines and FINDABLE! I am going to assume that you are in business to be FOUND!

2. You get good FACE TIME with clients and prospective clients. If you have been in business a while you remember the days of using a “tickler system” to follow up with clients. (This was just a weird name for index cards filed in an old recipe box with your client’s information HAND-WRITTEN on them) Your goal back then was to stay in front of your customer at least once a month or once a quarter, depending on how HOT the prospect was. Today we are able to be in front of our customers EVERY DAY using social media tools like Facebook PAGES. Don’t abuse that power-make sure you are putting out great content without yelling BUY BUY BUY!

3. It’s VIRAL marketing. If you are posting great content, it is going out to the NEWS FEED of your customers, prospects and FANS and can be seen by their circle of friends and clients. By putting out helpful and interesting content, you are recruiting a sales force that will spread your message far and wide…for FREE! We try and add lots of videos from the Gettin’ Geeky show that people pass around. Like a sneeze on a windy day… a fan page can add POWER to your message.

4. You can put LINKS back to your website or blog. Facebook is a very reliable source, according to Google (and a few million others). Be sure to utilize that power and have links going to different pages within your site both on your PAGE and in your updates.

5. It is EASY…well…kind of. It is so much easier to post regular content and add videos, photos of events, articles etc than updating an old-fashioned website. A fan PAGE is like a blog site in that you can easily add content yourself without having to have any knowledge of coding. To get started is the greatest challenge. From your regular Facebook profile page (which you do not need to have a personal page, but I suggest people set it up and build your PAGE off of that since they are kept very separate and people who are fans don’t even have to know the two are affiliated) scroll to the very bottom and find the word ADVERTISING. I’m assuming Facebook will soon be making this easier to find, but for now, click on the word ADVERTISING or if you have already created a page in the past, you will see the link for ADS/PAGES. This will get you started.

I would love to hear your success stories (or challenges) regarding your Facebook PAGE. I can also answer questions regarding how to set one up and get it marketed. If this is all too overwhelming for you, the team at Synapse 3Di can help you get launched and even spend time with you one-on-one learning how to post great content, analyze your progress and spread the word to the world so your FAN PAGE will continue to grow and thrive! And if you are looking for a TECHNOLOGY SPEAKER for your next conference or event… send me a TWEET or email Gina (at) socialknx.com