Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

There was an old Jewish Rabbi who walked along the same road every day from the temple to his home, but one day being deep in thought about the events of the day, he missed a usual turn and found himself at a city gate he was unfamiliar with.  A guard yelled down from the gate, “Who are you and what are you doing here?” Startled by this voice, the Rabbi looked up and asked, “Who are YOU?” The guard explained that he was a guard for the King and then demanded an answer once again to his questions, “WHO ARE YOU and WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”



The City Wall


Instead of giving an answer, the Rabbi asked “How much do you get paid each day to stand and ask those questions to those who pass by?” The guard was bothered by the Rabbi’s odd questions but he told him his wages.  The Rabbi then told the guard, “I will double your wages if you will come and stand outside my house and ask me those two questions each day when I step outside.


Whether you are an educator, a corporate speaker or trainer, or perhaps you own a business and are trying to reach and engage your customers with your messages, you should ask yourself these two important questions each day to keep you focused on your mission.  Remember WHO YOU ARE—be authentic with people and share your personality and be sure they know what it is you do or how you can help them.  Know clearly WHY YOU ARE HERE—Keep your activities and content centered on the answer to this question. If you are using social media to connect with a group or tribe of people in your industry- be sure you are “connecting” regularly.  You are not here to “collect” people you are here to “connect” WITH people.

And if you would like some assistance, I would be happy to ask you those two questions each day …for double my daily wages!