Before You Give Up on LinkedIn Groups…

I have to admit, as a social media consultant and technology speaker, I have accounts on most of the sites, but I have used LinkedIn the least.  I know, many of you LinkedIn lovers are going to have a field day on the comment section! 🙂 As a business owner I have always thought of LinkedIn as today’s rolodex or having a brochure for your business online.  Pretty static, except for the groups.  Now I know for job seekers and those employed, it is a great tool to connect with recruiters and hiring organizations, but for most businesses you really have to get involved in, or better yet, CREATE YOUR OWN, group in your specific industry where you can share your expertise and learn from others.

LinkedIn Groups

I hear from people all the time complaining that the groups are spammy and there is no real value in them.  First you must find the right group, and second, see if the group has any “ground rules” or policies about members not selling or spamming others. Third if there are no such rules and you can’t find a great group that shares info without spamming the members, CREATE ONE!

I have found a few key pieces of information that will help your group be found once you have it created:

  1. Add keywords in the description of your group to increase your search rankings on LinkedIn’s search.
  2. Add keywords in the title of the group to be found on Google.
  3. Add your blog RSS feed to the group so new posts are shared with group members.
  4. Send a weekly message that adds value for group members.
  5. Be the host/hostess.  Connect people in the group by making introductions to those who could potentially do business with one another.

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