5 Reasons I Won’t Follow You Back

If you are trying to build your Twitter following, you may want to take a fresh look at your Twitter profile and do some housekeeping first.  There are some folks who will auto-follow anyone who follows them, but many people want to make sure they are following people who will add great content to their Twitter stream.  Here are the 5 reasons I do not follow people:

1. If there is no photo.  Do not let the DEFAULT BIRD of laziness kill your Twitter efforts. Don’t be like those folks who drive to work while they shave or put on make up- Get dressed before you leave the house.  Loading a picture can be tricky for some folks but if you don’t have a digital photo on your computer to load, try using the camera that is built into your laptop to snap a photo or better yet have your teenaged son or daughter do it for you!  They can even go to http://PicNik.com and do some teeth whitening or blemish remover before loading it.

2. If there is a photo but it looks like something out of a Playboy or Playgirl magazine you will not only NOT be followed but you will probably be BLOCKED!  I don’t want to see a picture that is cropped from your chin to your hips and I CERTAINLY don’t want to see your sculpted 6-pack abs (that would only irritate me every time I saw your tweets!).  Save those Glamour Girl poses for your boyfriend, and get dressed before you take that headshot!

3. If you have no bio written.  Take a moment (it’s only 160 characters for goodness sake) and tell us who you are or better yet why you are here in Twitter Town.  Are you a photographer, a trainer, a stamp collector?  Put something that gives your followers an idea of the type of information you will be sending out and don’t forget to show some personality.  Play around with your bio and feel free to change it up often to see which one you like the best.  You can take a look at my Twitter Bio for one idea.

4. If there is no link allowing me to find out more about you.  Add the URL to your website, your blog, your Facebook profile or even your LinkedIn page.  Show me you are legit.  If you are entering Twitter Town to network or showcase your business, don’t forget this important step!

5.  Post a few tweets before you head out to follow folks or clean up your trash-talking tweet stream if you already have tweets posted.  I tend to look at one page of someone’s tweets to see what kind of information they are sending out. This is a good exercise of all of us to do – look one one page of your Twitter profile and see it from the perspective of a new follower.  Would YOU follow YOU if you saw that?  Nothing is a bigger Twitter turn off than a page filled with profanity or raunchy talk that belongs …well that belongs in the TRASH CAN.  Remember that your tweets are out there for the world to see, and unless you are trying to attract that kind of trashy business, keep a bar of soap handy and clean that Twitter beak!

Remember, everyone has different standards but these are a few that are shared by many business folks here in Twitter Town.  If you want more tips on creating a successful Twitter nest check out Gettin’ Geeky with Twitter: Build Your Business and Manage Your Brand with Today’s Hottest Social Media Tool – available in eBook (for the impatient) or paperback!

What are some of the standards that you have when it comes to folks you will follow, unfollow or block?