Your Face- Your Brand! Tips for Great Social Media Head Shots

I suggest that people take new headshots every couple years or more often if your look dramatically changes.  It’s always awkward when a conference speakers or someone you have known through online sites walks through the door and not only do you not recognize them but you wonder if their son or daughter is who … Read more

Social Sharing: Important Trend or Evil Plan to Take My Crown?

“I’m watching Biggest Loser.  I joined a local kickboxing class this week and will try to lose weight with these contestants!” “Eating at my favorite deli for lunch- the best egg salad sandwiches in the world!” “Anything by SEAL is a favorite song” People want to share their life experiences with other people.  Whether they … Read more

5 Brand Management Tips to Be More Responsive in Your Social Community

I had a great stay at the W Hotel in San Francisco last week.  I was there speaking at a conference and like I always do, I share my experience with my community through various social sites.  I checked in using FourSquare, I added a glowing review on TripAdvisor, and of course I sent more … Read more

Setting up a Facebook Business Page (fan page) WITHOUT a Personal Profile?

So many businesses are now jumping on the Facebook bandwagon in droves and there are still a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to setting up the account correctly.

5 TV Habits to Apply to Social Media to Prevent Overload

“I can’t manage the information overload that comes with participating in social media.  How can I possibly read all of the tweets, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts from people I am connected with?” I hear these statements all the time. Just because the information is flowing  doesn’t mean we have to read it ALL!  When you … Read more

The Controversy Around the Digital Divide

I grew up with 3 TV channels (not including the mysterious UHF channels which never had anything of value to a kid), I was the remote control.  I played records not MP3 files, on my Fisher Price record player.  The only phone we had was one with a very long cord that could be pulled … Read more

Why Your Learning Event Needs Twitter

Most consider Twitter a marketing tool, or probably more accurate is that most consider Twitter a tool for blathering about what you are watching on television or eating for lunch, but I believe it is one of the best learning and post conference accountability tools I have seen. I recently spoke at a marketing conference … Read more