Setting up a Facebook Business Page (fan page) WITHOUT a Personal Profile?

how to create a Facebook business page

(UPDATED July 2017)

So many businesses are now jumping on the Facebook bandwagon in droves and there are still a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to setting up the account correctly. Do you need a personal profile first?  Can I just create a personal profile with my business name and information instead of my own personal information?  What about using the “BUSINESS ACCOUNT” feature that is available when setting up a Facebook PAGE for the first time to avoid having to create my own profile?

Not fully understanding the differences can end up hurting the efforts you put into managing your Facebook presence as well as the actual functionality of your business page.  To understand the 3 faces of Facebook (Profiles-Pages- Groups) check out my earlier post but let’s look at some important facts that will help you make these decisions as set up a business page:

    • You can create a Facebook PAGE for any of your businesses.  You must be an official representative of the business or organization to create a PAGE (not just someone who uses a service or likes a business).  Even as a hired consultant, you are authorized to set up the business PAGE and I highly suggest you add one or two additional people to be admins on the PAGE after it is created (These people must have a personal profile set up and become FANS of the PAGE first!).

Create facebook page for business, begin to create facebook page

    • To create a business PAGE (or Fan PAGE as we used to call them), you must also set up a personal PROFILE or “BUSINESS ACCOUNT” that is linked to the PAGE.  Some people make the mistake of thinking they will keep their personal PROFILE for personal use and set up an additional “BUSINESS PROFILE” using a different email address for their business.  DON’T DO IT!  Managing multiple PERSONAL PROFILE accounts is a serious violation of Facebook’s terms of use and they can terminate all of your accounts.  You will be adding a feature to your Facebook PROFILE when you create a PAGE.  You will use the same login information but they are kept very separate. Many fear that by connecting the two, FANS of the business will see the personal information on the PROFILE.  This is not true.  A personal PROFILE can have multiple business PAGES attached and they are each kept as stand alone.  You are just given the ease of logging into one account and jumping to any PAGE you manage.

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  1. If you do not have a personal PROFILE on Facebook and you don’t intend to ever use a personal PROFILE on Facebook, you CAN go the route of a “BUSINESS ACCOUNT.”  This is basically just a “limited” personal profile.  Facebook still wants to know that there is a real person managing the account and they want to know how to get a hold of you.  HOWEVER… here are a few more things to keep in mind before you decide to forego the personal PROFILE for the BUSINESS ACCOUNT:
    • You only have access to information that is LIVING ON THE PAGE (Posts on your PAGE wall, etc.).  If a fan comments, you cannot click over to see the PROFILE. (Creating a personal PROFILE, even without using it, will open this feature)
    • A business account CANNOT be found in a search (a PAGE can be found and a PERSONAL PROFILE can be found but not your name or information listed in the biz account set up)
    • You CANNOT send or receive friend requests when you are set up under a BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  All activity is strictly run through your PAGE.  (With personal PROFILES you can send and receive messages from people on Facebook)

Most people find that it is easier and more flexible to just create a personal PROFILE and limit the info shared there.  You may change your mind later and post information or start connecting with friends and professional associates.

Remember, any post or comment made from your business PAGE does not reference or show information from your personal PROFILE.  It does NOT have your name attached at all and vice versa.  When you post something on your personal PROFILE, your fans on your PAGE will not receive that post.

If you are completely confused by now, give me a holler!  Although many think it is not a big deal, later they regret that they set their business PAGE up incorrectly or their account gets shut down because they have two different PROFILES associated with their name.  Take some time to do it right and this marketing powerhouse tool will help you connect and engage your community!

We have loads of free resources on our site for helping you to engage and continue growing your Facebook community.  Happy connecting!

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