SPINNING SOCIAL PLATES: Using Facebook LISTS to manage personal & professional connections

Gina Schreck, Social Media for Business, Technology expert, technology speaker
Spinning Social Plates

We want to stay in touch with family and friends, but is it wise to use one social site to manage all of our connections? We have our professional contacts sharing business tips and our best friend from junior high school posting photos of herself on her boat. This can’t be good for our professional image.  Many people create two accounts on Facebook to try and separate the two groups but find it starts getting confusing when they have friends that become business contacts or or vice versa. What’s a person to do?

Relax. Although you do have one life to live, social sites like Facebook allow you to segment that life into LISTS for easy brand management as well as time management.  Aside from the fact that creating two accounts goes against Facebook’s terms of Agreement, this is just too hard to manage.

You can take all of your contacts on Facebook and place them into LISTS like FAMILY, SCHOOL FRIENDS, BIZ CONTACTS, CHURCH. You can get even more segmented by breaking your professional contacts into LISTS such as, ASSOCIATION CONTACTS, WORK CONTACTS, perhaps even TOPICAL EXPERTS. This allows you to then go in and customize your privacy settings to ensure everyone does NOT see everything.

I can place photos into albums and have some albums set to only be seen by FAMILY list members. I can customize my settings to ensure anything that gets written on my public wall (Your main profile page on Facebook) on my wall is only seen by ME. It’s also good to remember that the newsfeed or status updates you receive are only seen by those who are connected to the person sending the update. So if my business client is NOT friends with my daughter, the post I read about her homecoming dance is not seen by my client.

Lists will also help you save time when checking in and reading the updates. You can log into Facebook and choose to only read the updates of those in a particular list.

To place your Facebook contacts into lists, simply go up to the ACCOUNT link at the top right, select EDIT FRIENDS and then you will see a CREATE A LIST button at the top. Setting up the lists and adding friends to them does take some time, especially if you have lots of connections already. The key to maintaining this, is to add people to a list right when you connect.

Before long, your plates will be spinning smoothly…at least until Facebook changes the setting again 🙂

Share how you keep your lists organized or how you have set your privacy settings to manage this double life we all live–Me, Myself & I are all interested in hearing your ideas!


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