Don’t Make Me UNFRIEND You!

In most relationships there is a honeymoon phase, where we learn about each other, we are more tolerant of idiosyncrasies and we even see the best in each other…until you get on Facebook!   We are hyperconnected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites with so many people that we don’t have time or patience … Read more

A 12-Second Lesson on Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Today I got a notice that was shutting down.  If you had never used this service, it was basically Twitter on video.  You created a short (well, 12-second) video message using your webcam or mobile phone and it went out to your friends.  There were many people who spent a lot of time crafting … Read more

SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE: Making time for social media

Yesterday someone sent me a question that really got me thinking.  It doesn’t take much to send my brain off on a 2-hour tangent, but this was a question we all struggle with.  Her comment and question was this: “I am marginally involved in social media, but, like most of us these days, I’m so busy … Read more