Don’t Make Me UNFRIEND You!

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Don’t Make Me UNFRIEND You

In most relationships there is a honeymoon phase, where we learn about each other, we are more tolerant of idiosyncrasies and we even see the best in each other…until you get on Facebook!   We are hyperconnected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites with so many people that we don’t have time or patience to go through this honeymoon phase in so many relationships.

Plus people tend to expose their bad behaviors on social sites perhaps more than they would in person. They post inappropriate pictures, spray paint farm animals all over our walls, tell the world things that only a close friend should know and talk non-stop without coming up for air to allow others to chime in.

“Researchers spend a lot of time examining how people form friendships online but little is known about how these relationships end,” said a PhD student at CU Denver’s Business School, Christopher Sibona, who used Twitter to survey more than 1500 Facebook members.  He found that 57% of people will UNFRIEND because of poor online behavior, while almost 27% of folks get UNFRIENDED due to offline behavior.

His study revealed these top 3 reasons people get UNFRIENDED:

1. Frequent UNINTERESTING posts
2. Polarizing POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS views posted
3. Inappropriate, CRUDE or RACIST posts

While this study was about so-called friends calling it quits, what does it teach those of us using these tools for business?

1. You are always “ON.”  Your behavior online and off is part of your brand 24/7, so BEHAVE and play nice out there.

2. Be strategic with what you post.  Am I posting content my community would be interested in?  Is it helpful or is it just me entertaining myself? (I am guilty of engaging in a clever-fest occasionally and it is darn entertaining to me!)

3. Use LISTS on Facebook to send specific posts that may be more personal or politically slanted, to those that would be interested in that information.  Always keep your community in mind.

What are some of the reasons YOU have UNFRIENDED someone?  How are you keeping your personal and professional worlds from colliding?

Let us help you set those social goals, clarify your online strategy and be FRIENDED more often!