So You Say You’re an Expert…What Does Your Community Say?

A friend, Rick Butts, sent me this video clip and asked me to comment on it from a brand or reputation management standpoint, and the timing could not have been better. The day before I had spent over an hour on the phone with a new client who had spent the last year working with two other “EXPERTS” who made a total mess of her social media accounts. (Telling her she needed a separate personal Facebook account to just use for creating her business profile.  She ended up with three accounts, two business pages and a feeling of dread when she heard the word FACEBOOK!)

What I love about this clip is that we can “work so hard” for a specific title or brand but if our community doesn’t perceive us as fitting of that title, they will not give it to us! So many right now are touting the title of expert in this or that, but ONLY when that expert provides enough value and proves their expertise, will the community call them an expert!

Indeed, we can use online tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to spread our message and create a brand for ourselves and our businesses, but if you are not truly providing value and EXPERTise, your community will see the snake oil seeping out of your pockets.

Thanks for letting me rant!  What’s your opinion? I’d love to know.