7 Things You Can Share on Your Social Sites BESIDES Your Products

Many businesses jump on the social bandwagon without considering the community they are there to serve.  They are excited to tell the world the fabulous products and services they offer.  The books and webinars people can purchase.  It’s all about “ME!”

Things to Share on Social Sites

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not like a company website or brochure.  If all people see and hear is “BUY MY STUFF,” or “SIGN UP FOR MY BRILLIANT WEBINAR,” they grow tired quickly and go away.  People are OPTING-IN to receive your content, but what content will keep them coming back and sharing it with their friends?  Content that is helpful and interesting….to THEM not just to YOU!

Here are 7 ideas of social content that can get you started:

  1. Books that you find interesting and helpful

    If you share what you are learning from books and then ask others to share what they are reading, you just might strike up some great conversations.

  2. Interesting photos you find or take

    Be sure they are appropriate and somehow tie back to your topic or area of expertise.  People using your products; People at events you attend; your team in action serving others. Fun photos that can tie into something you are posting or give your community a behind the scenes view of your brand.

  3. Products that you find helpful

    When I find great apps or gadgets, I figure if I love them, so will others in my community. What products or services are complementary to yours, that your community members may find useful?

  4. Relevant news stories that you can comment on from your company’s perspective

    How does your business solve similar problems or provide solutions that are different to those in the story?

  5. Behind the scenes tips

    Everyone wants to peek behind the curtain and see how you operate.  A hotel can share housekeeping tips.  A restaurant can share recipes or table setting information.  A fitness studio can share home fitness tips or healthy recipes. Let people come a little closer and see something that only fans of your business can see.

  6. Service projects you and your team are involved with

    Let others know the organizations you support and why.  Are you doing a charity walk or 5K? Perhaps there is a food-drive you are involved with. Who knows, they might want to jump in with you and serve side-by-side.

  7. Customer generated content

    This can be tricky as you may want to post a disclaimer that content must be appropriate and that spamming the community will get the post removed.  Some have designated a specific day of the week as FAN SHARING DAY. Ask fans to share their favorite blog or photo or something else that ties into your business and yet encourages the community to share what is on their mind!

What are some other ideas you have seen done well on social media channels?  I’d love to hear your creative ideas. If you are looking for regular tips and resources, be sure to join our DIYsocial group on Facebook!

Gina is a speaker, author, CEO at SocialKNX, and coach at DIY.social

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