Come Down Off the Ledge: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

Sure EVERYONE’S on Facebook.  Sure, it’s so easy even 10-year-olds know how to set up their account. (Legal disclaimer: The legal age to create a Facebook account is 13. Anyone creating a Facebook profile or business page, at any age, may experience feelings of depression, loss of appetite, increased appetite, severe weight loss, severe weight gain, or ingrown toe nails. Please consult a physician before attempting and stop immediately if thoughts of suicide persist.)

Then why is it when most people attempt to create a Facebook page for their business they threaten to throw themselves or their computers off a ledge?  Facebook does not make it easy to do.  So before you jump….into creating that business page on Facebook…take a look at these 4 easy steps!

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Curse You Facebook!
  1. Create a PERSONAL PROFILE if you do not already have one set up.  Whether you are going to use to share pictures with Aunt Mable, look up that long lost heart throb from 4th grade band class, or you’re going to do nothing at all with it, set it up.  You don’t have to post anything at all on it.  you don’t even need a picture of your FACE for this facebook step.  BUT, having a personal profile set up before you create your business page will allow you to be the administrator and you will receive some important information regarding the analytics of your page later.  So trust me on this one.  Just provide the required information as far as your email, real name etc, to create the profile.  I suggest using an email that you check regularly, incase there is important information regarding your account.  This email is not shown anywhere and you will not receive spam from Facebook.  It is legitimate.  Put REAL info in for best results. Skip the next steps where Facebook recommends friends for you to connect with. you can make your own friends when you are ready.  For now,  lets keep moving in hermit mode.
  2. CREATE YOUR BIZ PAGE. From your shell of a profile (or your regular Facebook page if you already have the personal profile set up), go up into the address bar and change the URL (internat address that starts with and replace all the letters and numbers that follow with the word “pages.”  So it reads, “”Once here, click on the CREATE A PAGE button on the upper right.
  3. ADD CONTENT. You are now IN BUSINESS! You can officially come off the ledge…at least for today.  Add photos, some helpful tips and questions for your community to engage with.  Load it up with great content before inviting people to join you.
  4. INVITE FANS! Now the work begins.  You must begin driving traffic here to engage with you and your business.  Be patient, it may take some time but you can invite people from your email list, add your Facebook URL (which the address of your business page–go to your page and copy that address from the bar.  After you have 25 fans, you can create a custom, or vanity URL for your Facebook Page which will make it easier for people to find it.)   Tell your Twitter followers about your new page and remember to mention it at least 2-3 times a week to get more people to come over and join you.  Keep the content fresh, relevant and FUN and the only place you will want to jump is right in the middle of the discussions going on!

Have fun, and remember…it’s only Facebook!  There’s no need to JUMP!  If you need help we are just a shout away.  Contact Gina on Twitter, leave a plea for help right here in the comments (there are super heros lurking ready to help) or use that old rotary dial Blackberry — 303-978-0887.

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Gina Schreck