Social Media Marketing for Your Business: 7 SUPER STEPS to DO SOCIAL RIGHT!

Perhaps your business has been trying to make sense of this new social world and searching for that elusive ROI to help justify the vacuum sound you have heard as your time has been sucked away.  You may have set up accounts, and tweaked the accounts, even had your college son or daughter post content for you on Facebook or Twitter, and still, the frustration grows.  You wake up and ask “Is there anything interesting to post today for our business?”  You leave work asking, “Why can’t I get more people to follow our posts or take action on them?”  You are probably standing on your desk right now, crying out, “What am I doing WRONG?”  Okay, so perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic, but hearing your cry and rushing to your aid, we bring you 7 Super Steps to Do Social RIGHT!

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  1. Have a plan for your social media channels

    Why are you wanting to set up social media sites? Do you want name awareness?  Will you use these avenues to be more responsive to customers?  Do you want the ability to share your expertise and be branded as the go-to person or company in your industry? Are you wanting more sales, or are you just wanting to make sure you aren’t the only person left on the planet who doesn’t have a Facebook Page for their business?  The answers to these questions will determine who should manage your social media (marketing, customer care, communications) and how you connect strategically on each site.

  2. Be Realistic with the Time it Will Take to do Social Media Right!

    Many think if they throw a Facebook page or Twitter account up, people will flood to their doors.  It doesn’t work that way.  You must dedicate time each day to update sites, listen and respond to the community and be fabulously interesting…well at least somewhat interesting!  In the beginning this may just be 15-30 minutes in the morning and then 15-30 minutes in the afternoon, but when your business grows and the community starts engaging, you will need time to analyze where your community members are coming from, what links are getting the most click-throughs, what content gets the best conversations going and more.  Many organizations start by bringing in an intern to help with their social media marketing and find that they need someone with more of a marketing focus and it turns into a full-time position or they outsource a big chunk of the daily tasks.

    list of daily weekly social media activities

  3. Don’t BROADCAST!

    It is called SOCIAL Media, not BROADCAST Media.  Those who just post (and usually it’s automated…even worse) get tuned out quickly.  Unless it works for you to go to networking events and just stand in the corner handing out your business cards and postcards as you yell “BUY FROM ME!” it probably won’t work in your social networking either!  Here’s a list of 7 things you can share BESIDES your products.

  4. Listen More Than You Talk on Your Social Media Channels.

    Like any good salesperson will tell you, the key to success is to spend more time asking questions and listening to your community in order to learn how to best serve them.  Listen and respond to what they are talking about in your social circles.  Spend some time each day scanning and replying.

  5. Be Interesting and Helpful.

    My rule in social media is, “Be interesting, be helpful, or BE QUIET!  Be sure your posts are worth reading and passing on. Too many people post content that is so overused or trite that no one will forward, share or ReTweet it.  And when people ask me how to get their information to be more viral or ReTweeted more often I simply say, BE MORE INTERESTING!

  6. Use the right tools.

    If you took a pair of scissors and set out to cut your lawn, you could certainly do it, but it would take you all of Saturday and Sunday…for the next two months.  Using the right tools can make all the difference.  There are many to choose from and each one does something different.  For conducting searches, connecting strategically to your target audience members, tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial (both tools to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more), SocialMention (a site that sends alerts like GoogleAlerts on information heard on the social vine), Analytics HD(iPad app to measure site traffic), or even good ol’ Google Analytics to see where your clicks are coming from and how to be more effective.  These tools will help you be efficient, strategic and much more effective.

  7. Be consistent.

    Posting once a week or two times a month will not get you anywhere in the social media arena. Your customers and potential customers are out here everyday talking, sometimes about you and your topic and sometimes talking about or with your competitors.  You can choose to engage in the conversation or hang the GONE FISHING sign up in the window.  If you cannot commit to posting regular content (daily at minimum) hire someone to help you with this piece.
    It is important that you find someone who can be “on” when your customers are “on” and that the person or company you hire understands your brand’s personality, values, and policies for replying to customers. [READ: 3 Traps to Avoid When Managing Corporate Social Media Accounts]

What SUPER Tips do YOU have?  We’d love for you to share your superpowers with us!

Like Batman, Superman, or Tweeterwoman, Gina and her team of superheroes are just a tweet or phone call away!  Let us know how we can help you succeed in this new social world!  Contact us today!