Should My Company Start Using Social Media Marketing?

Hesitation is the quality your competitors most admire about you.

The first domain name was registered in 1985 ( and in 1990 there were 15,000 domain names registered. Today there are over 200 million. Were you an early adopter or are you still waiting for this whole WORLD WIDE WEB thing to pass? Business websites changed the way business communicated with its customers.

We are experiencing a social revolution that is not only changing the way we do business once again, but it is changing consumer behaviors. Just like we go to a website today without any amazement or second thought, many are using Facebook that same way. Consumers ask their networks for suggestions or feedback before making buying decisions. “Does anyone know a great Plummer in Littleton?” “Has anyone had their kids at a charter school?” “I wish I knew someone who distributed pink sheet metal to commercial realtor.  Anyone know of someone?” (okay the last one would be pretty darn random, but you just never know!”

Yesterday a friend of mine was sharing his frustration over name squatters or cybersquatters, as they are called on the internet.  Cybersquatters are those people who go out and register domain names, Twitter account names and now Facebook Page names, just to prevent someone else from using them. My friend had waited too long and his business name on Twitter was already being used by someone else.

Here are 4 things I recommend you do today…right now.

1. Go register your business name and your personal name on Twitter. You can simply put a link to your website with a post directing visitors to learn more about you there.

2. Type your company name into Google and add + Facebook to see what comes up.  If you find a page, see what is posted and by whom.  Many businesses find that their fans did not want to wait for the company to take action and they created a page themselves.  Remember, people want to talk about you and with you.

3. If you already have a personal Facebook profile Create a Facebook Page For your business, post a few interesting tips and facts about how customers work with you and start telling your current customers to join you on Facebook. Once you get 25 people to join your page, or “Like” it, you can secure your custom company URL

4. If you own a smartphone, which is an Internet ready phone such as a Blackberry, iPhone, or any Android-based phone, go into the phone’s app store and download one new app today to explore. Check out the top apps, or the recommendations provided. Since mobile is the fastest growing trend today, you should start think of ways your customers may want to interact with you through their mobile device. Our phones are considered the “3rd screen” (the first two being the television and computer) and it’s the one we don’t leave home without.

So if you still find yourself resisting the use of new technology because it is time consuming or frustrating, you cannot afford to wait any longer.   Perhaps you should …go ask your competitors.

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Gina Schreck

If you are having a hard time immigrating into this new social world, Gina and the team at SocialKNX can help you make sense of this foreign social landscape and determine which pieces make sense for your business. Give us a shout through that WORLD WIDE WEB, or use the telephonic device and have the operator connect you to 303.978.0887