Using Social Media to Build or FRESHEN UP Your Brand

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This past week ended up having a theme message, which was COMMUNICATING YOUR BRAND.  On Tuesday, I spoke to the Women in the Cable Television (WICT) here in Denver, about the importance of creating and communicating your personal brand to advance your career and become a thought leader within the industry. Thursday I spoke to the Young Presidents Organization in Phoenix, Arizona along with their teens, about protecting your personal brand when using social media and the importance of privacy settings and common sense.  I thought I would share some of the points covered as it relates to YOUR brand…for your business and yourself.

When we think of BRAND we typically think of big companies such as Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Ford, or Old Spice.  And when we do think of these companies, or brands, we use specific words to describe them.  COOL, FITNESS, ACTION, CREATIVE, REFRESHING, RELIABLE, MANLY, and so it goes.

Now let’s apply this exercise to your brand.

  1. Take an index card or piece of paper and write down how you think others describe YOU and your BRAND.  What words do you think others use, or better yet, write down words that you would LIKE to have others use to describe you or your company. Perhaps it’s time to add a new scent on an old brand.
  2. Now make a list of all the “touch points” you have with others- customers, employees, vendors, etc.  You may have voicemail, email signature lines, stationary, newsletters, traditional marketing material, and then all of your social media channels.
  3. Now to begin sculpting and crafting that desired brand message into every nook and cranny of your communications.  Do you need to craft a new voicemail message?  Is your signature line in your email consistant with your brand image?  Does the content you send out via social media channels SPEAK the brand you want?
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Social Media is just one of your mediums, but it can be the most powerful

Because of the frequency and amount of communication we send out that can affect our brand, social media is a wonderful brand shaper.  The more consistent and frequent your messaging goes out, the faster that brand can be shaped…Good or Bad, so be intentional.    When you are reshaping a brand or bringing a new fresh focus to it, take a look at what the folks at Proctor and Gamble did with one of their aging brands, OLD SPICE. First released in 1938 for men (It was actually first released as a scent for women in 1937), Old Spice had become something that reminded us of Grandpa and other old men.

To freshen it up, they obviously came out with one of the most creative video campaigns that went viral on YouTube, but they also combined that with a Twitter Account offering tips for becoming an OLD SPICE MANLY MAN, and a Facebook Page with 1.5 million fans that all want to post their version of the commercials.  They created voicemail messages that you can pay to have the sexy actor, Isaiah Mustafa, speak to your callers.  The most impressive social media blitz happened when they launched their Twitter page to allow fans to ask questions about manliness to the Old Spice Man.  They began posting near-real-time video vignettes responding, in character, abdominals front and center in a bathroom set, with the creative crew and comedy copywriters of Wieden + Kennedy behind the camera furiously writing jokes and chasing down props.

Here are the MANLY wrap up lessons for your FRESH Brand:

  1. Bring focus to your message. Use your voice, personality, and brand image…whatever that is for you and use it in every touch point! Re-record that voicemail message, spruce up that stationary or marketing pieces you have ben using since Grandpa was using Old Spice.
  2. Get creative as you engage your social communities. Quit posting boring content.  Old Spice commercials keep adding surprises around every turn.  Perhaps you need to break the normal routine and add more “spice” to your messaging.  Ask your fans to play and participate.  Are you a professional organizer, get everyone posting their messiest workspace photos or videos on your page, but instead of you selecting one to “make over” perhaps you add a twist or surprise that no one would expect.  If you own a themed restaurant, instead of having your fans name the mascot you have, perhaps you come up with a fun twist where they video-tape themselves becoming your next mascot.
  3. GO BIG! Engage some of the BIG players in your world. Can you get the mayor to play?  Who are the big bloggers in your world of influence?  Is there a local celebrity that you can pull in? (Many times they will do it for exposure for themselves)
  4. Be consistant but FRESH. Whether it is your YouTube channel, your Facebook Page, tweets or emails, make sure everything is speaking the same words you wrote down in that first exercise as you add little surprises like the Old Spice commercials.  Keep people wanting more but keep each message speaking that message you want folks to hear!

I may not be manly, but our team can help you bring more focus to your social marketing efforts.  Before you “look away” give us a shout!