Tackling the Social BEAST: How to Get Your Business Set Up on Facebook

So you’re tired of hearing everyone say, “Your business needs to be on Facebook!” “You need to become a Social Business!”  You are finally ready to tackle this social beast but you have no idea where to start.  Stay calm. Sharpen that pencil and let’s get going~

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Tame The Beast


Facebook is a social media platform and the key word there is SOCIAL.  As a business you are not necessarily trying to be FRIENDS with your community.  You want to be engaging, helpful and unique–This will bring FANS of your business who will bring their FRIENDS!  Once you do tackle the beast and get set up, you will need to continue to care for it by feeding it great content and engaging questions on a regular basis, but that is for another adventure at another time.

There are 2 heads to this beast, or 2 types of PROFILES you can sign up for on Facebook–PERSONAL PROFILES and BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. Before you can create a BUSINESS PAGE (used to be called FAN PAGE), you must have one of those two types of accounts.  You may already have a Facebook personal profile so you can jump right in.   (It is important that you understand–and possibly even read– the Terms of Agreement and Page Terms.)  Basically you are just providing Facebook with your name and an email address proving you are a real person and not a spam account in hiding.

Personal Profiles are for individuals to use for personal and/or professional networking.  A personal profile is for sharing information about yourself.

Business Accounts are for someone who does NOT have a personal profile but would like to set up a Business Page and needs an account first to get started.  *This will limit some of the features available to you as you administer a business page later on.

I recommend that you create a personal profile, even if you never want to actually USE it.  There is no harm, you can set the privacy settings to maximum and you don’t even need to load a mug shot of yourself to get rolling.

Now that you have your basic profile, the beast is less intimidating.  Let’s set up your Business Page.  Now you are not going to use a different email address and you don’t need to worry about people on your Business Page seeing your contact information.  You will log into your personal PROFILE and then create a stand alone page.  This is a hard feature for people to understand and many think the two will be linked.  They are NOT.  You log into your PROFILE and you can be the manager of many PAGES.  No matter what you put on your PERSONAL PROFILE, no matter who you are connected with there, fans of your PAGE are NOT able to see or connect with your personal information, unless you invite them.

Business Pages are for businesses to connect with fans and potential customers.  This account has no privacy settings, because it is open for the world just like a website is.  Anyone who googles the name of your PAGE can find and LIKE your page (this is your hope).  Every post you make from your PAGE is indexed and can be found by search engines.

To create a PAGE, log into Facebook (yes…your PERSONAL PROFILE) and then change the address at the top so it reads, http://Facebook.com/pages

When you hit enter you will be taken to a page that has the CREATE A PAGE button in the upper right.


Before you commit to your Business Page, decide on the name for your page.  Once you create the Page, you cannot change the name.  Consider the length of the name.  When tagging your business page around Facebook town, this will be awkward if it is too long.  You want it short enough for people to remember and search for.  This may be an easy decision if your business name is not taken, but for some, it is something to give thought to.  You can see if someone has the URL by typing in the address bar http://facebook.com/YOURNAME.  If no page comes up…it is up for grabs.  As of Sept 13, you can claim your Unique Facebook URL such as: http://Facebook.com/GettinGeeky  immediately.  (You needed 25 people to LIKE or Fan your page in the past before you can claim the URL), so give some thought to this before moving on, but don’t think too long.


Once you have your page claimed, the beast has been tamed.  It is now time to make it look good.  Add your logo, or photos. Put some posts with helpful information for the people you will soon invite.  Don’t invite people to an empty page.  Make it visually appealing with links to your website and photos of your products or team members.  Check out other pages for ideas.

Before leaving your Page, bookmark the page, or favorite it in your browser, so it will be easy to find later.  Also don’t forget to LIKE your own page.

Now CELEBRATE!  You have successfully created your business PAGE on Facebook!  Congratulations.  Stop by our Facebook Page and tell us the name of your page so we can all come over and visit!

Let me know if this was helpful, if you have additional information that could benefit others or if you have questions.  If the beast starts acting up, drop me a note! Our team can also help you create a social strategy and even manage the daily social activities to ensure you continue feeding the beast!

Happy hunting!