Keep Your Facebook Posts on TOP of the Newsfeed: Understanding Edge Rank

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You spend a lot of time posting great content on Facebook only to check back the next day and find no one has LIKED or COMMENTED on them.  Before you throw your hands up in defeat (or your computer out the window out of frustration), you need to understand a few things about Facebook’s ranking algorithm.  You may be familiar with Search Engine Optimization, even if it is some mysterious and elusive target that Google continues to move making it harder for anyone to truly figure out.  Now we need to begin to understand the mysterious science of NEWSFEED OPTIMIZATION, otherwise called EDGE RANK.

Basically, Facebook ranks each of your posts and gives it a score.  If your score is higher than the score of the next person posting to the newsfeed of your fans, your post shows up above theirs.  If you have a lower score or the lowest score in the group, well, you are basically invisible.  Here are the 3 pieces to Facebook’s EDGE RANK:

    Basically, you are getting points for being LIKEABLE!  Facebook gives youpoints for the amount of interaction a particular person has with you.

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    It gets a bit confusing here, but if person A comments and likes my posts frequently and I engage back commenting chatting and LOLing together, my posts are going to get a higher score for person A.  The same post going out to person B might get a lower score if he never comments or banters back and forth with me.  That same post will show up in different positions on each fan’s newsfeed because of this AFFINITY SCORE.

  2. CONTENT WEIGHT SCORE: The more others engage with your content the higher this score is…regardless of who comments or likes
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    Clickity Click

    your post.  So if I post something and 50 people like or comment on it, this score is higher and it can help even make up for the affinity score if that was low.  So the more you can get folks to clickity click on that LIKE button, the better your score will be (I’ll share some ideas on how to do this on my next post!)

  3. TIME DECAY SCORE: This one is simply how long ago you posted your brilliant content.  You start out with a high time decay score and the more time passes, the lower your score gets…period!   For this reason I recommend posting 2-3 times a day.  Stagger the time to keep your Time Score from Decaying!
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Time is Decaying

If you need help making sense of all of this or you want a business translator for this new social media language, we can help! Loads of great content on our Facebook Page! Let us help you CONNECT to your world!