What to Do to Raise those Affinity and Content Weight Scores on Facebook

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Get Those Grades Up

A few days ago I wrote about Facebook’s algorithm, or EdgeRank, that gives each of your page posts a score that determines how long it will stay in the newsfeed.  You may know what it is (if not be sure to go back and read KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK POSTS ON TOP), but now let’s discuss what you can do to get those grades up!


Remember, Affinity Scores are based on the interaction between you and your fans.  If someone posts something on your page or comments on a post you wrote, be sure and thank them, agree with them or just post some additionally

Posting from a third-party application, such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or others will provide a lower score than posts placed directly on Facebook.  The reason behind this stems from gaming applications such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and those annoying, “Answer a Question about Your Friend” type apps.  Facebook didn’t want these apps to raise the EdgeRank of posts, so they lowered the score for ANY application…including third-party tools many use to post content across their social platforms.  Remember, Facebook would rather you go directly to their site so you can see all those lovely advertisements.

So as much as a pain as it seems, you can post your tweets and LinkedIn content from TweetDeck or Hootsuite but when it comes to Facebook, you are better off going directly to the page to post content, ask questions and reply to fans.

Using the new Questions tool gives you a nice Edge boost and YES that is technically an app, but it is a Facebook product so of course it gets preference!

Videos and Photos will give your post a higher score than a boring status update, so spruce up those status posts and add some secret sauce!  Remember a visual page will keep people engaged longer than one with just text posts…and YOUR PROFILE PICTURE doesn’t count as a visual…no matter how good looking you are!

So now it’s homework time. Take out that Big Chief notebook and your number 2 pencil to write your action plan to get your grades up this week.

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