Steve Jobs Thought DIFFERENT To Leave His Mark…Will You?

Steve Jobs dies at age 56, ipad, apple computer
Steve Jobs with iPad

This afternoon we learned that Steve Jobs, who had been battling pancreatic cancer for several years, lost the fight.  As I sat, reading about it, with my Macbook Pro in my lap and my iPad sitting next to me, I looked over and noticed my husband was reading WIRED magazine on his iPad.  What an impact Steve Jobs had on the world.   He made computers cool, music truly portable, gave phones an education, challenged us to “Think Different” and then even helped the non-computer user catch up with it all using a very different portable touch screen tablet, called the iPad.  He was an innovator and a visionary.  He not only created innovative technology, but he created a way for people to connect with people. He created a cool kid’s club that everyone was invited to.

With all of the tech tools in our lives and all of the connections we make using some of the new technology, we must ask ourselves, “Are we creating ways for people to connect with people?”  We may never create a magical device that brings rainbows and unicorns dancing in it each day (My iPad still does that), but we can leave a legacy as great as Steve Jobs if we use the tech tools to reach out to our customers, our friends and yes, even that family member you hesitated for months on connecting with before you accepted their friend request.

Do something to connect today~ Give a kind word in a comment section of a blog (hypathetical example), write on the wall of someone you haven’t talked to in a while telling them you are thinking of them, or just send a tweet to let a customer know you appreciate their business.

Here’s to living a life as sweet as an APPLE!

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May We ALL Think Different