Will All My Facebook Fans Be Gone on October 31st?

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All Of Your Facebook Fans Are Leaving!

I have had many people emailing and posting on our Gettin’ Geeky Facebook page their concerns over a partial rumor circulating the internet and thought I would post a quick write up trying to shed light on it.  I haven’t personally seen these rumored posts, but people are saying they are getting notifications from Facebook stating that “disengaged fans” will be removed from business pages on October 31 unless these fans LIKE or COMMENT on something.

First there ARE some changes taking place on Facebook (shocking, I know!) on Oct 31.  The discussion and recommendation tabs indeed ARE going away– Mostly because these tabs or links are rarely used. (Although I have seen a few pages with loads of discussions on that tab and those folks will have to transfer them to the NOTES link or, I would create a blog post for them)

But the change that people are most concerned about is the one where Facebook is saying that people who have not been engaged with your content will most likely not see your content in their stream.  First, this has actually been in place for quite some time.  Because of the EDGERANK score (algorithm) that Facebook gives to each post, the amount of engagement fans have with your posts and pages directly affects whether or not they will see none, some, or all of your posts in the future.  If someone engages (likes, comments or shares) with your content, they are more likely to see your next posts in their TOP NEWS stories.

If someone LIKED your page for whatever reason (bribery, family member guilt, or a contest) but they never engage with your content, your posts are probably not even seen by them because other content that they DO engage with pushes yours out of site…and out of mind!  The disengaged fans are not removed from your page, but your content may seem invisible to them, and in order for them to start getting your content back in view, they would have to see your post on someone else’s page from a discussion, or they would have to come to the page and reengage there!  Confusing… but not new.

So the bottom line is, if you want to try and scare your fans into LIKING, SHARING and COMMENTING on your content, tell them all of their personal photos will be shared with the world on October 31st unless they engage  with your content.  Telling them that they won’t see the posts, that they are NOT engaged with any way, is probably not a motivator!

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