How Do I Get More People To LIKE My Facebook Page?

How can I get more people to come over and LIKE my page? This is the question that every Facebook Page Administrator has asked at one time or another…if not daily! Here are six things you can do that will bring more people to your business page on Facebook.

Never Hire a Broke Financial Planner, a Skinny Cook, or an Anti-Social Social Media Expert

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, never trust a skinny cook (or in my case a cook with a skinny family). Most of us have had the experience at a Chamber of Commerce event when a young man approaches in a cheap suit and introduces himself as a “WEALTH MANAGER!” Sorry, but I’d rather take financial advice from Warren Buffet! So when you find yourself looking to hire someone to help manage your social media activities, you might want to look beyond that teenager down the street who knows how to tag photos on Facebook.