How Do I Get More People To LIKE My Facebook Page?

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Welcome to My Facebook Page

This is the question that every Facebook Page Administrator has asked at one time or another…if not daily! How can I get more people to come over and LIKE my page? Some of you might even be wishing you would have gone against those stupid Facebook Terms of Service and set your business up as a personal profile so you could just go around clickity click, inviting everyone to be your FRIEND–BUT YOU CAN’T!  Don’t do it.  A business is NOT a person and you should not have things showing on a business page like “Where you went to school” or “In a relationship” or my favorite…”someone POKED you!”

A business page should be BUSINESS!  You don’t want to see Suzi’s cousin’s baby pictures on your business wall because they tagged everyone in it.  You don’t want invitations to join Mafia Wars on your business page.  Let’s, instead, focus on how to get the RIGHT people over on your page!

Once you set up your page (Here is specific information on how to set up your page) it does take some work…okay, it takes regular work, to drive traffic over to your business page and get them spreading the word.

***Side Note*** Some ask “Why should I put effort into driving traffic to my Facebook page instead of my website?”  First, there are more people “hanging out” on Facebook and it is easier for people to click over and check out your Facebook page, comment and share on items they like, than on most websites.  Second, if your website is super interactive, allowing people to like and share pieces with their friends and community, then by all means, send them there!  But if your website is an online brochure with little if any interactivity or places for your social consumer to interact…send them to your Facebook Page.  ***Done with that rant***

Getting more fans, getting more likes, get more people on my business page

Here are 5 things (and one BONUS tip) you can do to get more people to join your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Sign up for Twitter.  That’s right, Twitter acts as a vehicle to engage a targeted audience in conversations about your and your business and then invite them in for viewing photos, more tips, deeper discussions, etc. On Twitter you can clickity-click and follow people just like you can on Facebook, but without having to ask their permission.  Find and FOLLOW people who live in a specific zip code, city or other geographic region if that is important to your business.  Find and FOLLOW people who are in the arts community if your business page is fitting for that group.  The more targeted your Twitter followers are the greater the chance of them wanting to come over and LIKE your business page.
  2. Personally “Invite Friends” from your personal profile.  Be careful on this one.  Most people don’t respond to a blasted invite sent to them to join pages–since we receive so many.  This method should be used to invite specific people you know well enough that they will respond when they see this invite.  The INVITE FRIENDS link is to the right on your business page.
  3. Entice people through your personal Facebook status.  This is more effective than the last method.  On your personal profile, write a status update letting people know that your Page is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and tell them what benefits they will gain by “joining your community” there.  Let them know that you will be sharing tips, and offers reserved for this new community.  Be sure you have content loaded on your page before you send out this invitation! Post 4 or 5 updates ahead of time.  Post this update on your Facebook profile 3 or 4 times in the first week (different days and times to capture the greatest number of eyeballs), 2-3 times the next couple weeks and then at LEAST once or twice a week after that.  Don’t forget, when people are connected with 100 others, your posts can easily be overlooked if someone is not logging in right when your content is posted.
  4. Add your Facebook URL to your business cards, email signature lines and other traditional marketing items.  Most people forget to integrate their marketing efforts–everything should cross pollinate.
  5. Ask people to SHARE and tell their friends.  Sometimes we forget the obvious.  Simply ask people to help you spread the word to others who might benefit from your information.  At the bottom of some posts, remind people to SHARE this with your friends!

****BONUS****  Now for the BONUS tip most don’t know about.  When you are on your business page, on the right column look for USE FACEBOOK AS YOUR PAGE.  Click that link, which enables you to go and visit other pages on Facebook AS YOUR BUSINESS PAGE.  Find pages that are complimentary to your own.  If you are a Clothing store, find and LIKE designer’s pages, television shows like WHAT NOT TO WEAR, as well as your local chamber of commerce page, associations you belong to, charities you support.  When you LIKE those pages, you can also like, comment and SHARE posts from them on your business page which leaves a link from your page on theirs and many businesses will reciprocate and promote what you are doing as well.  Each day when you log into your Page, click that USE FACEBOOK AS… link and then when you select your HOME page link on the top right, it will show you posts from the businesses you have LIKED.  Once you are finished you can click back to USE FACEBOOK AS YOURSELF and that home link takes you to your personal profile home base.

Sure there are many other things you can do, like running contests and advertising, but we will have to save that for another post!  I’ve got to go remind people to join our SocialKNX where we share tips and tools to help you build your business and manage your brand! Join us, won’t you?
Let me know if we can help you create your online marketing strategy, or even manage the daily social activities to build your community and increase sales!  Our team LOVES helping YOU SUCCEED!