So You’re An Expert In Your Industry–Who Do Others Say You Are?

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I Am An Expert At Everything

I spoke with a woman today who said she was frustrated with her social media marketing progress. She said she posted content every day on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Her frustration is not uncommon.  She said no one had hired her off of one of these social sites and as a matter of fact, she said few people even comment on her posts, but she commented on everyone else’s posts.  When I asked her about a strategy, she said her strategy was to be on the sites daily, trying to connect with people, which she was.

Her first problem was she had connected with friends and a few other marketers, but not people who would actually hire her.  Another problem she had was she was having lots of chit-chat conversations on Twitter and her personal Facebook profile with the handful of contacts she had, but as I read through her content, even I couldn’t tell you what the woman actually did…except chit-chat.  What would people actually hire her to do? Be a professional chit-chatter, I suppose.
As we continued to speak she revealed that she was a leadership expert, and an expert on team relations, AND an expert in communication skills, but I saw none of that in a consistent manner.  She said her interests were so varied that she didn’t want to put herself in single box.
You may claim to be an expert or thought- leader in a particular area, but if only your mom knows about it, allowance is all you can hope for.  Perhaps it’s time to do an audit of your website and social sites to see who others say you are.
  • Scan your website with a objective eye, or better yet find someone who doesn’t know what you do and ask them to do this.  Based on the content you SEE, what are you an expert in?
  • Go to your Twitter account.  On the PROFILE page, look for the link in the upper right of the page that reads LISTED. See how others have categorized you.  Who do THEY say you are?
  • What TOPICS have you earned Klout in? Head over to Klout to discover your score and see how others categorize you.  Some will argue the accuracy of Klout, but it is still another form of social credibility.
  • If you are a LinkedIn user, look over the discussions and posts on your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself if you need more focus there as well.  When you do a search on LinkedIn for your area of expertise (not your name), does your name come up on one of the first two pages?  Be sure your keywords are being used in your profile information as well as your posts.
Now sit down and make a list of keywords and phrases that describe your business and your expertise.  Identify the type of person that can hire you or pay you for your services. What position does this person hold? How old are they?  Is it a male typically, or a female?  Where do they hang out?  What content can you provide to this potential customer that would be interesting, helpful AND showcase your expertise?
What other ideas do you have to showcase YOUR  brilliance?  What advice would you give this poor unfocused woman?
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