Magnum P.I. Would Have Been A GREAT Social Media Community Manager

Social Media Marketing Community Manager
Magnum, Social Community Manager

People are always asking, “What skills should we look for when hiring a social community manager?” Businesses wonder if they can just find a college intern who knows their way around a Facebook page, so they can launch their social marketing campaign. You might have the marketing manager who was hired ten or fifteen years ago that can write a press release or design a brochure like no one else, but who did not keep up with technology and feels that Facebook and Twitter are platforms for blathering teens and that no serious business would be conducted there.

Sure, the ideal community manager has technical savviness and an insatiable curiosity to discover new and ever changing features on social sites without fear or intimidation and they can also write smart and witty copy in byte-sized posts and tweets that draw community members in and start the dialog. But more than this, I feel that this rare and treasured community manager has a secret desire to be a private investigator (think Magnum P.I. without the ‘stache), a crime scene investigator or a member of Charlie’s Angels.

Social media marketing is so much more than just throwing some promotional content on a Facebook page each day. After posting the witty, well-crafted status update or tweet that will certainly invite people to take action, the ideal community manager will do the following:

  1. Scan Google Alerts and other listening tools for people discussing your industry, products or services.
  2. Find names of influencers to connect with on Twitter and partner businesses to LIKE on Facebook
  3. Find where these influencers work and hang out to connect with others in the same circles
  4. Listen to what influencers and community members are talking about on social sites to learn what they like and need so you can offer suggestions, helpful tips and be a resource.
  5. Invite these people and businesses to join your business community for more helpful and interesting content.
  6. Watch other community manager success stories and pick up tips and tools to try within your community–promotions, contests, discussion formats, photos and videos that get people talking and sharing.
  7. Analyze what is working, what is not, and then wash, rinse, repeat!

Okay, so it may sound like this person is a mythical superhero that is as rare as the perfectly groomed mustache of Magnum PI, but I know they exist….I have several of them on our team!

What have you seen a great community manager (or management team) do? Is there a company or brand that you feel does a fabulous job of keeping the community engaged and growing? Do tell– lets learn together how to go beyond the post. Mustache not even required!