Scheduled Posts on Facebook: Another Disappointment?

The big news that is spreading this week, is the fact that Facebook recently rolled out their scheduler. WOW, Facebook is trying to bring some of the critical features that are offered from third-party apps such as Hootsuite, and FINALLY getting the picture of what we need to use their platform for business.

I’m Not a Twitter Bot! 3 Keys To Know If You Should Follow Someone On Twitter

twitter bots

Twitter is an interesting place to meet amazing people. Sometimes the connection is obvious and strategic–you both share an interest in augmented reality and attend a tweetchat about the topic and connect. Here are a few things that will tell you if you have a REAL person worth connecting with in Twitter Town:

Do I Need To Be On EVERY Social Site?

What might not be a big deal in your industry today, could turn out to be a power tool in six months. (who could have guessed businesses would be creating Facebook pages alongside college students 5 years ago?) Learn to explore new technology trends and tools.