How Do I Build My Facebook Community FAST? or Where’s the EASY Button?

Build Facebook Page FAST and Easy
Facebook Easy Button

Everyone wants a large social community, filled with consumers just ready to purchase your products and services.  Like the movie, Field of Dreams, we think if we build it…they will surely come and get in line.  We just want to post a simple statement of how great we are and have 250 comments and shares with people clamoring to work with us.  Well, there is no EASY or FAST button on Facebook.

Here is the response I gave today when I got the question, “How do I build my Facebook community FAST?”

FAST? Building a community on Facebook does not happen FAST.  There is lots of time invested every single day, reaching out to people on their business pages and building the relationships to then inviting them onto your page.  Every day you need to provide interesting and helpful content to “feed” the community that comes over.  Run promotions, offer discounts, but make sure your content is interesting and helpful.  If it’s super interesting or helpful, people share it and more will come.

A couple times a week invite people from your Twitter community to join in discussions on your page and then at least once a week remind your personal Facebook connections that you have great tips and resources on your business page. Many invite their Facebook friends when they first launch their business page and think that is enough.  They may have missed that invitation, or you didn’t explain WHY they should join you on this new page.  Like anything that brings REAL results, there is nothing FAST and EASY about it.  So roll up those sleeves, fire up the laptop and do the work.

To help jump start–put the link to your Facebook business page in the comment section here with a sentence telling us a bit about your page!  If you need to START your business page, here are the steps to get you moving: Tackling the Social Beast


Gina Schreck is the president and Chief Hooligan at SocialKNX.  Our community managers do the hard work for organizations that don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves. Find Gina on Twitter @GinaSchreck