Why Auto DMs on Twitter Say You’re a Liar

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I’m So Grateful You Followed Me

I love opening Twitter to find direct messages from people I have recently followed. These warm and welcoming messages make me feel so…..so loved. Some tell me they appreciate my following them so much that they have GIFTS for me…free ebooks, written by them, teaching me the secrets of the universe, while others just say things like, “You’re cool for connecting.”

These auto direct messages are LIES (I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you thought any of them were genuinely crafted and sent by the person you connected with in Twitter Town. It’s like that day you learned there was no REAL bunny brining you candy on Easter morning!). They are lies because the person usually isn’t even aware that you have followed or connected with them. An auto-generated message is sent out as soon as you hit FOLLOW.

If you have ever contemplated signing up for these Auto DM services, here are 2 things to keep in mind:

1. If your intent is to stand out, in a positive way, to those who have followed you or your business, you have done the opposite. You are now categorized as a spammer and most will know that you are not in Twitter Town for REAL conversations. Why not send a real message pointing out something you like in their bio or something you have in common. I know…. it takes time. It’s better to just be silent until you have something helpful or interesting to say to them.

2. Clarify your purpose in sending these auto messages. If you feel you need to give the person some information about you that they didn’t get in your bio or tweets when they connected with you, perhaps you should write a better bio. If your intent is to give them a GIFT, then let me help you with the definition of the word gift. A gift is shiny and comes in a small box, or at least comes wrapped in pretty paper. Your eBook is a marketing piece. While it might provide helpful information, telling people you have a gift for them and then they open a 38 page white paper on how you met a guru and now have the secret to certain wealth and fame, leaves most with the same feelings an eight-year-old has when they get underwear for a Christmas “gift.”

So what should you send out to welcome those who have just connected with you in Twitter Town? Here are 3 tips:

Unless you are Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber, you probably are not getting more than a handful of new followers each day. Even if you are getting 20-30 new followers each day, it is manageable.

1. Take 10-15 each day and go through your new followers and determine which ones you want to follow back. If you are a business using Twitter, be careful not to appear unapproachable or snobbish by not following people back. Unless it is a porn or obvious spam account, follow them. For individuals on Twitter, you need to follow those who will add value to your Twitter stream. (To find your new followers, go to your Twitter profile and select FOLLOWERS. The newest are the ones on the top and they usually have not been followed by you yet.)

2. Send a brief (I guess on Twitter, everything is brief) note thanking them for connecting and letting the, know you are looking forward to interacting. Try and mention something unique about their bio or recent tweets. This shows that, like Pinnochio, you are a real boy! Perhaps you copy and paste part of a message and add on a unique closing line, or simply send, “Happy Tuesday-great to connect.”

3. If you really want to stand out and start the relationship off on a high note, go to their Twitter profile and scan one page of tweets to find one of their recent posts that you can RT or reply to. By the way, this is the way to get the attention of someone you want to follow you back. Jump in and start conversing with them. They will see you are genuine and want to connect. If not, maybe they aren’t real! :))

So the next time you get that generic message after following someone, simply send a reply alerting them that their pants are on fire! And them send them this post ….as a GIFT!

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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

If you find all of this overwhelming for your business, we can help. We help you grow and manage your brand’s online community. Send me a REAL direct message…I’d love to connect. Gina on Twitter