Scheduled Posts on Facebook: Another Disappointment?

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Welcome to Facebook Land for Business

I think I must be turning into a curmudgeon…or I need another cup of coffee, because once again I am disappointed with a Facebook feature rollout (and I’m usually a VERY postiive person!).  Facebook has caused PREMATURE EXCITEMENT several times this month for more than just me.  From their IPO causing quite the stir to the new PAGES MANAGER APP for the iPhone (and iPad) and now the announcement that a community manager can now SCHEDULE posts on their Facebook pages for a later time or date.

Many who threw money at the Facebook IPO are finding themselves filled with regret only a couple weeks later.  I was one who was thrilled to hear there was finally a mobile app that would free community managers around the world from their desks and allow us to rise up, post content and manage our client pages from our iPads.  Okay, so you CAN do many things, but you still cannot access photos that aren’t loaded on the iPad (such as those saved in Dropbox or other cloud storage file) or narrow your post to a specific location and more.  Okay so maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic.

The big news that is spreading this week, is the fact that Facebook recently rolled out their scheduler.  WOW, Facebook is trying to bring some of the critical features that are offered from third-party apps such as Hootsuite, and FINALLY getting the picture of what we need to use their platform for business.  Now THIS is big news!  I was thrilled!  I immediately went and tested it scheduling a post to drop on our Gettin’ Geeky page 4 hours into the future.  WOW this is going to be HUGE!  Call everyone on our team!  Send out tweets!  But wait……  Not…so…fast.

Sure you can schedule a post TODAY, to drop next Monday and Tuesday mornings when you will be on a beach in Tahiti, but if you need to make a change or edit something, you cannot go in and make changes easily.  When you manage a lot of content for a brand, there are still many features, that a third-party app brings, that for some reason Facebook teams have not figured out how to deliver.

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Hootsuite Scheduler-Week At A Glance

On Hootsuite I can view what is scheduled for the month, the week or see the list for a specific day, allowing me to  see the posts each person on our team has scheduled for which client.  We have some clients that go through a review process and have to be laid out well in advance, while others can be scheduled for the day.  Facebook has placed the schedule viewer under the MANAGE link in the top bar and then you select USE ACTIVITY LOG.  Now I discovered that you cannot access this activity log if you are logged in AS YOUR PAGE.  You must be using Facebook as yourself and then be on your business page (not sure if this is a bug or if there is some logic to this).

Perhaps it is only you and you want to schedule a few posts reminding people of an upcoming event you are promoting.  Perhaps you only want to schedule your blog posts to drop on your Facebook page earlier than you want to get out of bed.  Or perhaps you are not as cranky and picky as I am and want to check out the Facebook SCHEDULE feature.  Here are the steps:

  1. Write your post as you would normally.
  2. Click on the small clock in the bottom left to set the YEAR-MONTH-DATE-HOUR-MINUTE
  3. Click schedule and go back to bed.
    Facebook scheduler, facebook marketing for business, social marketing company
    Schedule Your Facebook Page Post

    For some reason I could not get it to schedule on a personal profile, only a business page, which I guess makes sense since this is primarily a business feature.  I also found on one of the pages we manage, if you do not have the YEAR your business was started or established, it would not let you schedule a post.  We had to first add the founding year before it worked.  Could have been a bug, but perhaps it is a safeguard in case Marty McFly came BACK TO THE FUTURE and tried to schedule a post for a business that had not been established yet!

I’m going for more coffee–you have fun scheduling!