I LOVE Your Posts… What Is It You Do?

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A woman asked me to give her feedback on her social media sites, and before I asked her what her business was or what she actually did, I clicked over to her personal Facebook profile.  Lots of great photos with inspirational sayings.  Perhaps she is a motivational speaker.  I clicked on the link that was in her employment area on her Facebook profile which took me to a business Page on Facebook.  Lots of poems and quotes about leadership and marketing.  Perhaps she is a leadership consultant.  I clicked on the web link that was in the ABOUT section of the business page but it was a dead link.  Perhaps she owns a funeral home.  I did a search for her name on Twitter and the bio there had hashtags with Dental and Motivation.  She must be a motivational dentist.  After thinking about it for awhile, I realized she must be a criminal, and a very good one indeed, because she left no clues telling me what she does to make money.

social media management, social media consulting business, social marketing company
What Clues Are You Leaving?


Take a look at all of your social profiles: Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter and wherever else you have set up shop.  Can people tell what you are an expert in? Can people clearly (within 10 posts) understand what you do or have clues to follow leading them to your websites and know how they can hire you?  Mixing up your content to appeal to your community is great as long as you maintain enough focus in content to ensure when someone is looking to hire an expert in (FILL IN THE BLANK), they will immediately think of you.

What do you do to maintain that focus? Is this an area that you struggle with or have you found the solution to all the shiny objects that pull us in ever direction?



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