4 Steps To Commenting as Yourself On a Facebook Brand Page…Is This Easier?

Last week Facebook made another tweak to how admins of a business page can post on their brand pages.  While you have always been able to go into the settings and check a box to ensure you ALWAYS COMMENT AS your brand to avoid having your personal profile post something that ended up going to your friends and family members who would see it on your profile wall, Facebook has made switching between personas a little easier.

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Who Shall I Be Today?

This is very helpful when you have more than one person who has admin rights to a Facebook Business Page.  Let’s say you post something that is extremely clever or witty, and the other admins see it and click LIKE or worse, they comment about how great that post is. It appears as if you just liked your own post.  And we all know, “LIKING your own Facebook post is like high-fiving yourself in public!”

Liking your own Facebook status
Don’t LIKE Your Own Posts on Facebook

It’s just wrong!  So, to avoid becoming a social outcast (OK, so it’s really not that tragic, but the experienced admins everywhere are laughing behind your page none-the-less), here are the steps to using Facebook AS YOURSELF to comment on how witty the post is that you, or your fellow team mates, just posted:

  1. Depending on how you get to your business page, you will either see your personal profile pic and name in the upper right of the screen, or you will see your brand logo/picture with the name of the page.  If you are logged into Facebook as yourself and you click on your Page from the left navigation column on your home page OR if you type your Page name in the search box to get there, you will still be “seen” as yourself, and you can jump to step 3.  If you use the small drop down arrow to the right of your name and picture in the upper right to select your Page and go there, you will now be USING YOUR PAGE AS YOUR BRAND, and to comment or LIKE something as yourself, you will have to go to step 2.
  2. To switch from your BRAND into YOURSELF, you will have to click on EDIT PAGE and at the bottom of that drop down, select USE FACEBOOK AS (yourname). This now puts you into your profile mode, but still has you posting as your brand.  You now can move to step 3.

  3. Once you see YOUR beautiful face in that upper right hand corner of your Business Page, you will see the VOICES link to the right of your name.  Select this to toggle between using Facebook as YOU or YOUR BRAND!


So did I say Facebook made this easier?  Perhaps they just gave us another way to access this option.  The key is to use it to avoid posting as yourself or if you just want to comment or LIKE your own posts, so I won’t be laughing behind your page!  If I left you more confused than you were before, go to step 4.

4. Log off of Facebook all together, wait a week, Facebook will probably change it back!

Do you see this helping you on your page?  Have you made the mistake of posting as yourself instead of your brand before?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this–is all of this just a bunch of noise by Facebook or a valuable change?