Home Sweet Connected Home


For the past two weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of doing some work in London and Barcelona. My family joined me and we mostly tooled around and played but I did have to speak for a few days in the middle of all the sightseeing.

I absolutely love traveling to other countries, meeting wonderful people and learning more about our world’s history, but I must confess I wanted to send Verizon a postcard from Barcelona saying “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and I kissed my modem the moment I got home.

I missed being able to instantly share photos with my family and friends via Instagram whenever I felt like it. I missed being able to just log in at the end of the night to check email or the latest news in the Twittersphere without wondering how much data I was consuming. I’ll admit it, I missed being a carefree data consumer taking mega and giga bites whenever I wanted.

I was reminded of the many luxuries we take for granted in our connected world. When we live in a country with fast and always on Internet like Verizon’s FIOS, there is no eternal 10 second wait for pages to load. Yes we are spoiled. We whip out our smartphones whenever we want information, wherever we happen to be to “summon” whatever we need to know from our magical devices.  We have apps on our phones and tablets that connect to our Smart Homes and allow us to turn on and off our lights, adjust our thermostat and even show us a video of the dog sleeping on the forbidden chair.

I love seeing the world but it’s good to be HOME SWEET CONNECTED HOME!

What do you miss most while traveling?

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Disclaimer: I am on a blogging team for Verizon where I am given products to test and write about. I do still pay my own Verizon bill each month! 🙂