DONT BE AFRAID! Busting The Fear Of Social Media Sucking All Of Your Time.


I think my fear of public toilets is totally justified!  Snakes and creepy men have been found hiding at the bottom of port-a-potties, and when women go into a nasty public restroom carrying purses, briefcases, shopping bags, and small children, the workout you get while trying to balance everything in the air to ensure nothing touches the ground or toilet bowl, is a nightmare indeed! Being afraid of clowns, on the other hand, is somewhat unjustified!  I mean when did a clown ever attack you?  Do clowns ever appear at your doorway at work? (Hmmm don’t answer that one.)  And if you are truly afraid of clowns (like my husband), simply stay away from the circus.

This is the third fear we are tackling this week in our series called DON’T BE AFRAID: Busting the Four Fears of Social Media Marketing.  Today we take on the fear of having social media suck all of your time!  This fear is a little like being afraid of clowns IN a public restroom.  It can be justified if you are operating without a plan, but if you stay away from the known time-traps of social media marketing, you have less to fear.

As a business owner, or someone who has been given the additional tasks of social media marketing, you have a lot on your plate and can’t spend all day on Facebook reading what your creepy cousin Eddie did on his vacation.  You don’t have time to read thousands of tweets or browse wonderful photos of Christian Louboutin shoes on Pinteret (well…maybe you can carve out a little time for that).  So, what CAN you do?

Let’s first establish the fact that these social media platforms are marketing tools for your business, like a telephone in your office.  You can sit on the phone all day chatting it up with your friends about your fantasy football league and get nothing done, but it is not the phone’s fault.  Understand that marketing efforts will take time, but if used correctly and managed carefully, they should not consume your day.

The first step is to decide which social media sites and tools your business needs to have a presence on. Who is our ideal community of people? Where do they spend time? Are they on LinkedIn? What groups do they participate in? Do they spend time on Facebook? What are some of the interests they have (aside from your business)? Do the people you are targeting tweet? Are they pinning on Pinterest? Pick the top social channels that your ideal customers are using and set up shop there. Instead of thinking you need to be on every channel, pick the one you can dominate, or at least have a fierce (and scary to your competition) presence.

Now you can devise a plan and layout the channels you want to be active on each day. Using a tool like Sprout Social or Hootsuite, (Social dashboards that allow you to manage all of your social sites, schedule posts, monitor your brand and so much more),  you can get your posts for the week scheduled and then monitor the discussions and questions in about 30-60 minutes daily. Using mobile tools, like your smartphone or tablet, you can also respond and check in on your social sites on the go.

Fear of Social Media Marketing Business Private information being shared on Facebook business page
Fear of Business Going Down The Toilet…
IN a Public Restroom!

Being disciplined with your social marketing activities goes a long way.  Perhaps each day you take on a different task: Monday you schedule posts.  Tuesdays you find new targeted people to follow on Twitter or Instagram.  Wednesday you go through your LinkedIn groups to see if you can provide your expertise to others.  Thursdays you may want to spend writing a blog post or new content posts for using next week.  And Friday you take a walk-about on Facebook, going to other business pages and LIKING posts and commenting on what they are talking about (without being spammy).

Bring a kitchen timer to work as well.  It may seem silly, but setting a timer for 15-20 minutes will help you work under time pressure and stay focused.  I’d love to hear your tips on managing your activities without letting social media marketing consume your day.

Now get away from that circus tent and take this fear off your list – but I will strongly advise you to still stay away from public toilets!

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Don’t Let Social Media Make You CRAZY!


Gina Schreck is the president at SocialKNX, where we help to manage the madness called social media marketing.   We’d love to hear from you and know what keeps you up at night. What challenges or fears do you have when it comes to managing your content and social media marketing?

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