SocialKNX Question of the Week: Should You Outsource Your Social Marketing?

When should you consider outsourcing or hiring help to manage your social marketing efforts or should you outsource at all? If you need help managing the social marketing efforts for your business you have several options–Sleep less, hire part time help or outsource, just to name a few.

SocialKNX Question of the Week: How Do I Connect My Personal Profile to a Facebook Biz Page Without Revealing Personal Information?

If you’ve been asked to manage a Facebook page at work or you’ve not had your personal profile connected to this point, let’s get you set up right.

SocialKNX Question of the Week: Can I Create a Business Facebook Page without Having a Personal Profile?

When a business wants to set up a Facebook Page, whose personal account do you connect it to? Can you link it to YOUR personal account without wrecking havoc? It is quite simple to do…

How To Build Your Twitter Following Strategically

Starting a Twitter account for your business can be a frustrating and time consuming task. You want to find and connect with specific people that you can potentially do business with or at least learn from, or with, but where do you begin? Our top 2 tips that we use to build our client’s Twitter accounts are…