How To Build Your Twitter Following Strategically

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Starting a Twitter account for your business can be a frustrating and time-consuming task.  You want to find and connect with specific people that you can potentially do business with or at least learn from, or with, but where do you begin?  After being on Twitter for over 5 years, I have learned a few tricks and tools that we use for our clients as well as for our BRAND NEW TWITTER account @SocialKNX.  Two of my top tips are:

  1. I highly recommend finding and attending a few TweetChats.  Before during and after a TweetChat, you can connect with many people who share a common interest.
  2. There are many Follow/Unfollow tools out there but our team uses Manage Flitter or Tweepi at least once a week for our client accounts. They help us find and connect with more people faster and still be very strategic with who you are following.  Watch this 5 min video on how to find and quickly follow more people using ManageFlitter and then we’d love to hear other ways you are managing to grow your Twitter following strategically. 

If you’d like to find out what daily activities we recommend for your social media management, download this CHECKLIST OF DAILY, WEEKLY, & MONTHLY SOCIAL ACTIVITIES to build your business!

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