5 Keys to Master Yelp, TripAdvisor and Other Social Review Sites

Review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Local, Facebook, and a variety of others, have changed the way people do business. These tools are not only being embraced by consumers, but they are becoming the Go-To-First, necessary tool to gather information before making a purchasing decision. Here are some key steps to take control of these tools and your online reputation.

Community Manager Best Practices: Misty Debunks 3 Time Management Myths in Social Media

Misty Fuqua-Mercado debunks 3 myths that many of us (including me) have regarding getting all of our social marketing activities done each day. She gets more done in a day than many accomplish all week. Listen to her tips.

3 Strategies to Tame the Social Media Beast in Your Business

Effective content marketing takes more than throwing a post up now and then to let visitors know you are still around. Here are the three strategies to help tame this social beast.

Social Marketing Is Like Karaoke; Everyone Wants To Sing, But No One Wants To Listen

In order for Karaoke to be fun for everyone, you’ve got to involve everyone. It’s not fun to have a brand singing the same old tired songs over and over, just pumping out their “great content,” their “webinar” or “exclusive, last-day-to-sign-up, VIP only, event.” Here are 3 CREATIVE ideas to get others involved using social media tools

Don’t Be A Creepy Networker: 4 Tips For Building Trust Online

Don’t get so caught up in “collecting” followers, friends, or business cards online, that you miss the opportunity to actually connect and build relationships that will lead to wonderful partnerships, business opportunities and even friendships.