Social Marketing Is Like Karaoke; Everyone Wants To Sing, But No One Wants To Listen

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I think there are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Karaoke night at the local pub and those who would rather push pencils in their ears until they bleed.  Okay so there are probably one or two other kinds of people in this big world, like those who have had a few too many craft beers to really care, but generally speaking, you either love Karaoke or you don’t.  We’ve all probably met someone who just LOVES when they announce Karaoke time at the bar or the friend’s backyard pool party.  They have been practicing at home with their Starmaker Karaoke app for weeks, just waiting for their chance to take the big stage or corner of their friend’s backyard.  When the music starts they belt out Whitney Houston’s, “Greatest Love of All,” or Shania Twain’s, “Man, I Feel Like A Woman,” and the crowd goes wild …for the first song.  But by song number four or five, it’s painful.  Everyone is tired of hearing this wanna-be diva singing and they want her to take a seat, or a plunge in the deep-end of the pool.

In order for Karaoke to be fun for everyone, you’ve got to involve everyone.  Get everyone up singing together!  In the social media world, it’s not fun to have a brand singing the same old tired songs over and over, just pumping out their “great content,” their “webinar” or  “exclusive, last-day-to-sign-up, VIP only, event.”  How do you get others involved when you are using social media platforms?

Here are 3 Unique Ideas to Involve Your Community:

  1. Interview a customer, a supplier, or other thought-leader that your audience may find interesting. You can do this using Google Hangouts and have it load to your YouTube channel after for great post-event sharing, or use a voice-recording app like SoundNote for your iphone or iPad.
  2. Do a book review that your audience will find helpful and interesting–and not YOUR book either.  you can write this review up or…turn on that webcam and talk to the people!  You were just singing Karaoke, so don’t be camera shy.
  3. Find a business video and invite up to 10 of your customers or vendors to watch it together LIVE via Google Hangouts.  After watching it, you can facilitate a discussion or simply have some questions prepared to get the group discussing ways to incorporate the concepts into their businesses.

What other ideas can you come up with?  We’d love to hear them.  Step up to the comment mic and share. 

So come on…’fess up.  Have you been a Karaoke mic hog?  Is it time to let your community have a turn on the stage?  Who knows, they just might get up and SING YOUR PRAISES!  Check out the other resources and ideas we have for you on our site to help you connect to your audience! Let us know how we can help you get creative and build business using todays technology tools.  Let’s Connect!