How Often Should You Post On Your Social Media Channels

frequency in posting for social media

This is a question that we hear all the time, “How often should you post on social media?” and there is no real right or wrong answer. Business leaders are hoping to hear, “Oh, just whenever you get around to it is fine!” But the reality is, frequency and consistency do matter… a lot.

Each platform has a different tolerance level, and you want to keep your audience in mind, but you can most certainly post more often than you think. We might see all of our posts because we are loading them in or watching every post carefully, but our community of followers is not sitting in front of their computer watching everything we post (I know…shocking).


Twitter has the highest threshold because there are so many tweets flying by, fast and furiously.  You could post every 30 minutes and most people would only see a few of your posts if even that many.  If you are NOT posting often enough on Twitter, it is hard to be seen or heard. The lifespan of a tweet is approximately 18 minutes (See Peter Bray’s post from Moz on this interesting lifespan). Of course the more followers one has, the longer the tweet can live through retweets. It becomes a 4th-grade math problem with 31 tweets traveling north at 50 miles per hour and 72 retweets going southbound…how many people saw your content? But let’s just agree that tweets have a short life span and they move quickly through the Twitter streams, so you need more posts here to reach the number of people you’d like.


LinkedIn has the lowest tolerance for multiple posts because it is strictly a business tool and if you are blathering all day on LinkedIn, you will quickly annoy most people.  As with any social channel, the more relevant and helpful your content is, the more it will be acceptable. Posting a status update once or twice a day will improve the visibility of your profile, and if you are writing long form content as a POST on LinkedIn, posting once a day is great (if you can write great content that often).


There is much debate over how often to post on a Facebook business page, but the reality is, like the others, if you have great content and an engaged audience, they will take it as often as you want to dish it out. Even a year ago, Facebook said 4.75 billion pieces of content is shared every day! You may think you are seeing them all, but you’re not.  Every time someone visits the News Feed there are on average 1,500 potential stories from friends, public figures, and pages. Most people on Facebook are now connected with so many more people and follow so many businesses, that it shortens the lifespan of a post. Facebook’s algorithm is set up to auto-filter for you, therefore you don’t see content from everyone you are connected with and very rarely will you see content from the business pages you have liked…unless of course you go to their page, which most people don’t. This is why posting often works for business pages. I see some pages post hourly on Facebook and they have a big enough audience that the content is liked, commented on, and shared, spreading like wildfire! For most pages, posting once in the morning and once in the afternoon seems to work well, and there are some businesses that simply want to have a presence on Facebook, so they keep one post per day dripping along and of course very little engagement will happen there.


Instagram seems to be more like LinkedIn, in that fewer posts make for a more desireable stream to follow. Instagram hasn’t implemented a filter or algorithm yet, so you will see every post from every follower if you scroll enough. So when people get carried away posting 8-10 photos (some, all in a row) it gets irritating for most. Of course, there are marketers who love sharing every move they make on Instagram and now seem to have more promotional text-filled graphics than actual photos, so this platform continues to morph. The thought is a few really great photos or posts each day go a long way to attracting view

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Where do you post the most?  Is there a sweet spot when it comes to the timing of content for your community? Inquiring minds want to know! :))

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