Help Me With Social Media Marketing, I’ve Been Left Behind

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My sister is a realtor and one of the best I know.  She does more for her clients than should be legal.  She waters lawns and flowers, holds garage sales for her clients, watches pets during showings and so many other crazy (in my opinion) things to serve. Because of this high-touch service, she has avoided social media marketing.  She, like many others, has said, “I don’t like all of the technology tools that have us tweeting and texting instead of speaking face-to-face.  But the other day she admitted, she feels that she has passed the point of no return.  She has been left behind.

Another small business owner I spoke with on the phone, helping him set up a Facebook business page, said he has let the technology bus get too far ahead of him and now he doesn’t think he can catch up.  What a scary and overwhelming feeling, especially when your plate is already full with other tasks to keep your small business running successfully.

Here is the good news:  It’s never too late to get started and most of what you missed is probably obsolete anyway!  If you are playing the catch-up game, here are 4 very important tips:

social media tips, tools for starting out with social media, how to use social media for my business

1.  Put on your explorer hat! When using new technology and social media marketing tools, it’s important to remind yourself that things will not always be easy or smooth. You will be exploring new lands, learning new languages and meeting new people, which is exciting and scary at the same time. When you feel overwhelmed or miss the “simple days,” just remind yourself of how far you have come.  After all, you are no longer setting up Fax campaigns and you most likely are backing up important documents on a cloud-based system like Dropbox or Google Drive!

social media tips, how to use social media for small business

2.  Take your time.  You will not become an expert in a day, no matter how fast you run to catch up, and you don’t have to be.  Take it slow.  Set daily or weekly goals for yourself such as, “I will create a Twitter account this week and find 10 smart people to follow and learn from.”  “I will finally create a business Facebook Page.” “I will fill out my LinkedIn profile more completely this week.”  Don’t spend hours trying to cram it all in.  This will frustrate you after you realize you have spent your entire day on your social media marketing activities and got nothing else accomplished.  Start with 30-minutes in the morning and 30-minutes in the afternoon or evening, and then you can increase the time needed as your community grows and you start seeing results.

social media activities to do each day

3.  Do something every day. You don’t have to do everything every day, but do something that helps you incorporate today’s social media marketing tools into your sales and marketing efforts.  Even if you post one update on Facebook with one tip that would help your potential customers know you are an expert in your field or a single tweet each day sharing something exciting you are working on.  You may not think anyone is listening yet, but Google is. Just start and be consistent.

help with social media marketing, how to start using social media

4.  Don’t quit!  So many people spend a great amount of time all up front and when they don’t see results within a week or a month, they scrap it all and call it a failure.  As an explorer, you have to remember that you are on a long journey.  You will not find gold at every stop and you don’t quit when your first dig comes up empty-handed.  You just keep sailing, and digging, and enjoying the process.


We’d love to hear your explorer stories–share them in the comments section.  what was it that kept you going?  What is your biggest challenge today?

If you need a travel companion and want byte-sized learning nuggets, check out our Coaching Program that includes in-depth courses, tips, and tools so you can implement on your time and not be overwhelmed.

We’re here to help, or to just cheer you on along your journey, so be sure to connect!