You’re Doing Social SDRAWKCAB (backwards)


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So many people say, “Our company uses social media and we post at least 2 or 3 times a week on our company Facebook page and send at least 5 tweets our a week.  Isn’t that enough?”   It really does make me want to SCREAM!

I believe the word MEDIA in social media has thrown companies off.  They think it is simply a marketing task that is scheduled and done.  Like getting out a newsletter or flyer in the mail.  It is SOCIAL people!  SOCIAL. If you get your MEDIA before your SOCIAL, your results will most likely be dismal.  You will go to measure the ROI on your activities and be disappointed in the results.

To be sure your SOCIAL stays ahead of the MEDIA, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Post your content.  
    Schedule it if you’d like.  But this is the MEDIA part.

    Walk About
    Spend time walking about each day
  2. Now walk about.
    Go to other people’s LinkedIn groups and engage.  You know…get SOCIAL!  Go to one of your potential client’s Facebook or Twitter profile and see what they are discussing.  Comment.  Like something.  Share a post from them.
  3. Lastly, listen.
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The sweet sound of your customer talking

Create lists on Twitter and RSS feeds for your clients’ and potential clients’ posts.  Use tools like to set up alerts when things are said about the people you are wanting to connect with.  Connect with your target accounts on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Now be there to listen and respond. If you hear someone talking about being a huge Yanni fan and wishing they could see him in concert…okay, that probably won’t happen, BUT, hypothetically if you saw a post about that, you could send the link for them to enter to possibly win tickets to his concert in Izamal, Mexico, November 2nd….(WHAT?  How did I know this?).  THAT’S SOCIAL DONE RIGHT!  That is how you listen and respond to what your community is interested in.  Only when you listen first and show that you want to engage with what they are interested in, do you have a chance to have them become interested in YOU.


The next time you’re measuring the ROI of your social media…be sure to separate what you are measuring–the ROI on your SOCIAL or the ROI of the MEDIA activities.  The results will be very different!

Need help knowing what you should be doing each day on your social platforms?  Download our CHECKLIST OF DAILY SOCIAL ACTIVITIES to get you started.

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