Making Time for Social Media: 3 Time Saving Tools And Lots of Apps

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Time.  We never have enough of it.  We get excited when daylight savings ends, as if that is extra time in our pocket each day.  When it comes to managing the social media activities for your business, it seems like time is our worst enemy.  Because I travel a lot and happen to be on just about every social network out there for my personal social media connections as well as for our business, finding ways to do more in less time is a priority for me.  I have so many people asking me how I can possibly get it all done and still manage to run a very busy and growing business. Here are my secret weapons:

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  1. A GREAT Mobile Phone.

    I have been using the LG G2 (I am part of a VerizonInsider blogging team and I am lucky enough to get some of the hottest tools before they are released to the world and this is one of them).  I was hesitant to try this phone at first, because I love my Samsung Galaxy S4 so much.  I am a power user when it comes to my mobile phones.   I stay connected to my family on Facebook, Instagram, and through text messaging, my team at work via Facebook, Twitter, and email, my network on every social media site, and my customers via Skype calls, email and yes, even old fashioned phone calls. I use apps to book and check in for flights, find places to eat, I do my banking, buy my coffee, and to take loads of photos that I can share on Instagram.  My contacts are in my phone for easy access, every document and photo that I have on my desktop in the office, is available at my fingertips through apps like Dropbox and Evernote and no need to search for a scanner or fax machine, when my phone can scan and send in less.

    When you have a great mobile device and learn to really use all the features it has to offer, you will be shaving time off of your day every time you use it.  One of my favorite features on this particular phone is the ability to take quick notes while talking on the phone.  It’s a feature built into this LG phone that allows me to pull down a quick note from the notification area and scribble a note right on the call screen. It then saves it with the call history for me to clean it up and file it later.  How many times are you on a call and the other person is giving you important information while you scramble for a piece of paper?

  2. Social Dashboard on your mobile device.  social media dashboard, tools for managing social media

    We use Sprout Social to manage our content and social media platforms for all of our clients, as well as our own personal profiles.  Sprout allows us to write and schedule content, see who else on our team has interacted with a particular connection, reply to or even alert another team member to follow up with someone that contacted us through a social channel.  If you are not using a social media tool like Sprout Social or Hootsuite, you are definitely eating up twice as much time logging in and out of each social media site.  We love that Sprout Social is available on every platform (iOS, Android, Desktop and mobile) and has all of necessary features we need on our mobile devices as well as the web. After all, who is tethered to their desk anymore?

  3. Power Apps.

    I mentioned a few already when talking about the importance of a great mobile device, but here are a few more apps that pull their weight to help manage your workload while on the go:
    power apps, productivity apps

    • Sign n Send (iOS) or DocuSign Ink (Android, iOS, and Windows) allow you to open any pdf or other file format that needs your signature and without having to print, sign and scan and resend, you simply sign the document with your finger or stylus, type in any information needed and hit send to email it off to whoever needs it.
    • Flipboard, Feedly and LinkedIn brings me the news I want to read.  I get in about 30 minutes in the morning (usually on my iPad) and then anytime I have 5- 10 minutes of waiting time, I can catch up on daily news in multiple industries.  We manage the social media marketing for companies in every industry, from Hotels and restaurants, to realtors and software companies.  With these customizable magazines, I create a specific news feed for each of our client industries to stay up on what is going on.  When I see an article that one of our clients or community managers should see, I simply shoot it over via email. If I want to share the article with my social networks, I can do that as easy as clicking the share link.  It’s like having a subscription to over 100 magazines and being able to peruse them each day for helpful or interesting content.

Don’t relegate social media management to your desk.  Being able to get tasks done while on the go, will save you lots of time.  We’d love to hear what other tools you love and use to help you manage all there is to do in social media marketing. Write your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below.

If Social media management is too overwhelming for you, give us a holler.  It’s what we do!  We do all the daily tasks of building your community, writing and posting content and so much more.  Let SocialKNX be your number one time saving tool!

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