4 Tips to Get More People to Your Website with Social Media

How to drive traffic to your website with social media- empty party room


You have a website and yet you may feel as if you are the host of a party, everything is set up, and yet you are standing alone waiting for anyone to come by.  You have profiles set up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and every other social media site you can think of, and yet that doesn’t seem to be working either.  You feel betrayed by James Earl Jones, who promised, “If you build it, they will come.”  What’s a person to do?

Most of the time it’s one of two reasons: First, there is nothing on your website for people to do or spend time looking at except boring text that only you find compelling to read over and over again. (We do tend to admire our own work so much that we become blinded to the fact that it is stale and needs to be replaced.) The second reason just might be that, although you have good content on your site, no one knows about it….not even Google.  Web content alone isn’t enough.  Social media alone is not enough, and now with the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, over-stuffing that website with keywords and creating back links from shady websites to your site aren’t working either. (But you weren’t using those tactics anyway!)  You need a well balanced plan of attack.

Social media is one tool used to engage people, to nurture the relationships and then to invite them to find more valuable information from you on your site. It is not any more effective than a stagnant website if all you are doing is blasting out boring content and one sales pitch after another.  It is one tool in your tool belt and you need it working in conjunction with the other tools. So let’s get all of these pieces working so the party can begin!

Use social media to increase web traffic


     4 Steps to Get More People to Your Website with Social Media


  1. Create valuable resources that people would exchange their email or other contact information for. Perhaps you are a local business and want to share the top 20 activities to do over the holidays, or you can create a top 10 questions to ask when looking for a _______ (fill in with your service).  How about a booklet, white paper or short eBook that helps your target market accomplish something?  These are all great to draw people to your website.  Create several of these resources and save them as PDFs for download.
  2. Create a landing page for each of your resources that will capture those visitors and their information when they come by to download your resources. (This is a very easy task for your website manager and shouldn’t take more than 30 min)
  3. Start blogging.  You’ve heard this over and over.  Yes it is time consuming, but so is worrying about why no one is coming to your website.  Set a goal of posting new content twice a month, and then move to once a week, and keep striving for more frequent posts.  At then end of each post, put a call to action that offers one of your resources.
  4. Promote these resources with the link to your landing page all over town.  Take a photo that represents your resources (example: a photo of a pair of ice skates for a Holiday activities in your city list; a photo of beautiful fall leaves for your top 10 home improvements list for fall) and load the photo to Instagram with the caption and link inviting people to your landing page.  You can use apps like OVER, A BEAUTIFUL MESS, or the website, PICMONKEY to add text right to the photo for further customization.  Create 5-10 different versions of a Twitter post and schedule them at different times over the next week or two promoting both your blog post as well as the landing page resource directly. Don’t forget that Twitter now shows your photos in the Twitter stream and load that photo here as well.  Pin your post with the link and photo to Pinterest.  You get the idea.  Don’t throw the same text post on every site. Each has a slightly different personality, so take the time to create several versions.

So if you want to pack your party, be sure to send out lots of invitations on every social media site you are active on.  If you are providing great value and are engaging with people with real conversations, they will have plenty to celebrate!

Social Media works when you do.

use social media to drive people to your website- party at your website

This is what we do every day for the clients we serve and we get excited when we see their analytics proving the value of social media.  We also know that it takes time and it takes a multifaceted approach, so don’t give up too soon.

We’d love to hear other ideas that you have or ways that you have found to continually drive people to your website.  Leave your comments or questions right below.