My Cell Phone Will Have a Place at the Holiday Table



I’m so grateful for my cell phone and iPad that I’m setting a place at the table for them this Thanksgiving!  I know that sounds strange, but it’s true. I love everything about the digital world we live in. I love that I can find recipes and get ideas for beautiful table settings on Pinterest, compare prices and even purchase online, most of my holiday gifts, all while driving home from a ski day with the family (in the passenger seat of course).  I love being connected to lots of smart people who are generous with their knowledge, inspiration, and their witty comments.

Now before you call for me to put back into the strait jacket (yes I’ve been in one before for a photo shoot, and it was quite comfortable), let me explain.

crazy for technology and social media, gina schreck in strait jacket

We live in a connected world, and there’s just no way around that, unless you start sharpening your wood furniture making skills and get that horse and buggy I saw for sale on eBay, we are all moving forward in this technologically connected world.  WWW used to stand for World Wide Web, but today it stands for Whatever information we need, Wherever we are, and When ever we need that information.  I am constantly amazed, and extremely grateful that we are able to carry around a device that allows us to chat with family members, snap and share a photo of the puppy we just got, look up movie times and purchase tickets, and even connect with the chef you just saw on The Cooking Channel’s, Restaurant Takeover, and ask him for the Short Rib and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie recipe you just saw and get a personal reply from him within an hour, so you could make it the next day! (HUGE thanks to Chef Derek Minkensky, who made me a superhero cook with my family.)

Shepher'd Pie Chef Derek Minkensky

I am grateful for technology and connectivity.

I have formed some amazing friendships with people that I have met online, via Twitter mostly, but through Facebook and even Instagram.  People that started out as just someone whom I shared a common interest with.  But through regular, short conversations online, our friendships grew.  In the past, friendships were nurtured through the weekly or perhaps monthly phone calls that lasted 30 min (or an hour in my case) hearing all about what they had been up to and just catching up on life.  Today, it is different.  I see that Donna is spending the day sitting on her porch swing through a photo she posts on Twitter or Facebook, and I comment back to her that one day we will have to meet there to have coffee.  She replies and tells me about a class she has the next day and I wish her good luck.  All that in 4 or 5 tweets.

Twitter Collage of friends of Gina Schreck

My mother’s new iPad has helped to start healing our relationship.  Yes, it’s true.  We have had a difficult relationship for a long time.  It would take years and a very comfortable couch for me to explain here, but let’s just say we rarely spoke.  We live a healthy distance apart —she in California and I in Colorado, so when, and if, either of us called (usually the obligatory holiday or birthday call) it was superficial and short, ending before it turned into negative stories about one family member or another.  It would drain me to even think about making those calls.  My mother usually heard about our family updates through my aunts or my sister, because of the short and regular conversations we all have on Facebook.  My mother refused to get on Facebook, saying it was a waste of time and that she would have to go into my step-father’s office and then remember her password to log in, and so the hassles kept her off.  However, she recently got an iPad and learned that Facebook opens up with the touch of an icon now.  With a bit of prompting from me and bribing her with seeing the girl’s engagement or high school photos that were recently taken, she got on.  She started slowly, liking or commenting here and there on a post of mine or a photo of the kids, and now she is sending messages and writing embarrassing messages everywhere!  We love it.  I was moved to tears last week, when I got a private message on Facebook from her saying, “Okay, I’m addicted.  I love being on here and getting to chat over coffee with you every day.”  It has been a healing tool.

connecting with social media

I love having clients that are more like friends because of how we share with one another on Facebook or other social media sites.  I don’t just know their business goals, I know about their dream vacation or that they are teaching a cross-fit class on weekends and buying a hot new red convertible.  These are the little social snacks that nurture relationship and deepen friendships.   

For all the bad press, being too connected gets, I raise my glass to my cell phone and iPad today.  I give thanks for Verizon, and every other carrier that allows us to be online anywhere, anytime and for anything we need.

Cheers to being connected!

cheers to technology and social media

If we are not connected, please do so on any social site you are on…I’m there!  I am grateful for each of YOU and wish you a wonderful Holiday season connecting with those you love!

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