Four Things You’re Doing On Social Media That Smell Like Spam

don't spam on social media

You join social media sites to connect with people and hopefully find a way to do business together. Don’t undermine your efforts by looking like a spammer. You may not even be aware of it, but some of these activities not only smell like spam, but they can make you seem CREEPY!

Quit Whining About Social Media Not Working And Get Busy

Nothing chaps my hide more than hearing people complain, “I tried social media for 3 months and nothing happened.” It’s time you start doing the WORK. Social media only works when you do. Here are 4 things for you to do to get the results you are crying for.

Social Media Means Business – Time To Embrace It Once And For All

You keep hoping that connecting with friends on Facebook is enough, but you’re finding that ignoring the strategic use of social in your business is now hurting

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend: Which Is Why You Should Stay Social

You are missing out on prime engagement time when you forego posting on the weekends. People in the US alone spend 114 billion minutes a month on Facebook. Here are some ways to be social in your business on the weekends.

30 Things to Post on Your Social Media Sites When You Don’t Know What To Say

For those of you who just don’t know what you could possibly talk about on your social media sites each day, let alone multiple times a day, here’s a little help. Some of these ideas will net multiple posts and some will inspire other ideas. Take this list and block out an hour or two each week to plan your content (or hire someone who will do it for you).

Looking for the Easy Pill for Social Marketing Success

Social media marketing is not easy. It’s like running a marathon, not a sprint. Getting people to see you as a relevant and valuable resource, and in turn, trust you and like you enough to want to do business with you is not quick or easy, but it is done all the time, over time.