Everybody’s Working For The Weekend: Which Is Why You Should Stay Social

It’s quittin’ time on Friday. That 5 o’clock whistle has blown. How do YOU unwind on the weekend?  Does any of your downtime include browsing Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube?  Are you writing or posting on your social media sites on your “days off?”

Listen up, social marketing managers: Social City Doesn’t Sleep!

You are missing out on prime engagement time when you forego posting on the weekends.
Facebook (alone) is a terrific absorber of audiences’ time and attention, 114 billion minutes a month in the U.S. alone.
Save your lighthearted content for the weekends. People are more relaxed and often perusing their social media sites while sipping a cup of coffee early Saturday or Sunday morning. Aren’t you happier when well rested, caffeinated and free to browse? Your audience is more likely to not only see your content, but to engage with you as well by liking, commenting, or sharing. Visibility plus engagement is your goal. Happy people comment. Connect with them in the weekend bubble.

Social Media Weekend Post Ideas:

  • What is a dead-giveaway that you are a tourist in (name your city)?
  • Now that you’ve checked Facebook, are you ready to unplug for the day?Social media posts for weekend fun
  • What page turner (ok, finger swipe) is on your Kindle to-read list this weekend?
  • My favorite way to kick off a Saturday morning is ___________.
  • Here’s wishing all you armchair referees a glorious day! Who’s up?social media marketing on weekends

These are all types of posts you can schedule (Our team uses Sprout Social to plan and schedule content) before the weekend to ensure you are unwinding a little yourself. Once your content is scheduled, all you have to do is have fun with the comments that come pouring in.  After all, I’m certain you are turning off your smartphone just as soon as you check in on Foursquare at the stadium and post a quick picture of your own little adorable football star, right?Ryder football

So, let us know…. what social media sites do you visit most often on the weekend?
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Mindy Rodenburg, Socialknx community manager, social media marketing Colorado